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    Default long arm fuel pump

    Hey guys. I'm in need of a mechanical fuel pump on my 69 Jeep J2000. I cross referenced a part number to a Skylark and a different year J truck both with 5.7. The pump has a WAY longer arm on it than the old one. Will it work properly? Does anyone have another part number? This one is an Airtex 41197 with the long arm. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Default Re: long arm fuel pump

    The pump they're showing may be a fuel pump for a 455, which has a longer, more straight arm than the 350 pump.
    The fuel pump arm for the 350 has more of a bend in it.
    I just looked at Rock Auto, the fuel pump for the 350 Buick is listed as Airtex 41197 WITH A/C the picture of the pump arm is correct for the 350 Buick
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