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    Default Was there a bigger bellhousing than passenger?

    Am wondering if the Jeeps ever came with larger bellhousing than passenger A-bodies? The reason I'm asking is that I am contemplating a 12" clutch and am concened about it fitting inside the stock GS/skylark bellhousing.

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    Default Re: Was there a bigger bellhousing than passenger?

    My Jeep J-3000 Gladiator truck came with the standard GM 11" clutch.
    There were built using the long input shaft T-18 4 speed tranmission.
    For the bell housing I'll have to measure to be sure, if clearance is available for a 12" clutch design?
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    Default Re: Was there a bigger bellhousing than passenger?

    The 12" McLeod I used to run barely cleared the Lakewood bell. I would not clear the Lakewood without the block plate installed.

    I would almost guarantee a 12" would hit the structural webbing on a stock bell.
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    Default Re: Was there a bigger bellhousing than passenger?

    All B350's had the same flywheels for Jeep trucks and Buick cars.
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