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    Default Fixing 400 Head Crack

    On my 67 400 GS I have a Head that is cracked right where the Valves seat is at. Machine shop says he does not think it can be fixed ( Genes Engine Shop in Deer Valley) I don't know if you do this type of work or not. Don't even know if it can be Metal Stitched or not. Rockers are also worn out. Been looking for a used set of originals at the moment. I am in Phoenix so I have been to your place a couple of times. I f you don't can you recommend someone here in Arizona that can really fix Heads?? Thank You Craig

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    Default Re: Fixing 400 Head Crack

    It can be stitched as I have had one done and had no issues with it. You should be able to find a local machine shop in your area to do it.
    Joe Tracy
    69 GS 400
    67 400 CID .1475 over (430 CID) SCR 9.7:1
    67 tall port heads and exhaust manifolds
    TA212 cam, 1112080 distributor, modified 7029241 carb
    Canadian built 3:55

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    Default Re: Fixing 400 Head Crack

    Both my 67 heads were cracked near the valve spring seats and the block had a crack near the lifter bores. I was willing to scrounge replacement parts but my machinist recommended against it, saying that we knew where we stood with what we had. (BTW, cracks in 67 400 heads are common.)
    All the cracks were repaired using the old school method of drilling and pinning. Subsequent pressure testing showed perfect results and stippling on top of the repairs made them all but invisible. It's easy to do, and not all that expensive.
    Tom Zickefoose
    Harleysville, Pa
    1967 GS400 convertible



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