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    Default Crazy 1965 Skylark road trip blog?

    Hello Buick V8 moderators, it's Rich in Tampa writing about my upcoming crazy trip in my 65 Skylark. I wondered if you might be interested in the trip and some blogging and photos enroute. I would like to know where on the forum I might post nightly/weekly installments as I drive from Tampa to Columbus to Pittsburgh, in my refreshed 65 'Lark. Your site has proven very helpful in fine-tuning the car, and it's nearly ready to go. I'd like some help too in posting photos, which for reasons unknown I can't seem to accomplish, despite being able to post photos all over many other sites. What am I doing wrong?

    The trip will begin next month, as I drive the 65 Skylark from Tampa to Columbus, OH. I'm semi-retired here in Tampa, after moving down from Columbus about 8 months ago. Last summer, a client in Columbus made me promise to remodel her kitchen in the summer of 2016, so, I thought I'd combine that with my annual run in the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Kickoff Rallye over the July 4th weekend. That event features 90 vintage cars in a TSD or gimmick rallye around the Pittsburgh area, finishing up at the Spaghetti Warehouse in the Strip District for the tally and Italian food and cold beverages. It's a good time.

    So let me know if you are interested in my road trip blog, and my rallye blog, the tale of driving a 51-year-old Buick from Florida to Ohio to Pittsburgh and back. And if you can assist in helping me post photos and telling me where on the forum to post the blog , that will be most appreciated, as always.

    Thanks from Tampa,

    Richard Reau

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    Default Re: Crazy 1965 Skylark road trip blog?

    I will be interested in following along with your adventure. Looking forward to the posts and pictures.

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    Default Re: Crazy 1965 Skylark road trip blog?

    Richard, why don't you just post links to your blog on a day to day base?
    That will save you from uploading the photos to the board

    I would say that the best place to post is in the The Bench section of the board.

    A very easy to use online photo album is My Album
    Just add your photos every day and the album will grow and grow.

    Here's an example of a My Album compilation with photos from my little road trip to Mexico and back to Alberta:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Boattail View Post
    Click photos to view the album

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    Default Re: Crazy 1965 Skylark road trip blog?

    Thanks Boattail, I'll check out My Album.



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