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    Default 52 Buick super riviera upper grill bar

    Hi,I have a 52 Buick super riviera and durind its restoration the upper grill bar had been lost.
    I found and bought one in USA ( I live in Italy ) but when it arrived I noticed that it didn't fit to my car
    because of it was for riviera and not for super riviera.
    So now I'm looking for another one upper grill bar that fits to my car......
    if someone can help me I will be very happy

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    Default Re: 52 Buick super riviera upper grill bar

    Sorry I do not have a upper grille bar but
    all 1951 and 1952 Supers and Roadmasters
    are the same grille bar, the Special for both
    years is shorter.
    I hope this will help broaden your search.
    Good Luck
    1955 Buick Century 2 dr sedan 264 V8 nailhead 3x2's clone
    70 GSX STAGE 2 Iron Head 4 spds, yellow
    494 stroker " 687 hp ", 9.95 @ 135.73 thru mufflers
    2004 Cadillac Escalade 6.0 Tow Hog
    2005 Rainer, wife's ride ( sold to daughter)
    2014 Regal "T" type, turbo charged

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    Default Re: 52 Buick super riviera upper grill bar

    Tks Bill



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