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    Default 1968 Buick GS "Night Stalker"

    It Is always a good time to drag the ol Night Stalker out a give it a good wash.. For any of you that might know this car, my family purchased it last June for a guy. It will be built back to how it was when it was running at Avilla Drag Way.. We also have the 67 Skylark that the DeHabey family built.


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    Default Re: 1968 Buick GS "Night Stalker"

    How cool is that?
    No, its not a chevy motor

    Steve Mario

    '71 Skylark, street/strip beater w/JW and T/A goodies!

    (JW prepped 462 short block, ported T/A Stage 1 TE heads w/stage 3 valves, 1050 Dominator, Super Scavengers, 3400 stall TH400, runs like a raped ape, and leaves brown skid marks on the passenger seat.)



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