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    Default gear vendors overdrive

    Has anybody visited the idea of a group purchase for the t400 overdrive unit?
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    Default Re: gear vendors overdrive

    I'd likely be in for one, if the savings was significant.
    Steve, SRE Performance Fabrications Inc. 920-629-6565 evenings/weekends

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    Default Re: gear vendors overdrive

    Quote Originally Posted by mainebuick View Post
    Has anybody visited the idea of a group purchase for the t400 overdrive unit?

    I don't recall ever seeing a posted attempt to get one going. Just takes someone to contact the vendor and see what's possible, if anything.
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    Default Re: gear vendors overdrive

    Gear Vendors 800 number is 999 9555, Mike is probably the guy to talk to. He is easy to talk to, as in not a jerk. I'm not sure how flexible GV would be with their prices.

    Bob H.
    1953 Buick 455 TA Aluminum SE Stg2 Heads, B4B Intake, S/P Turbo 400, Gear Vendor, 3.42 Posi. A/C
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    Default Re: gear vendors overdrive

    I've been torn between the GV and a 200R, I've read that you do have to do a bit of weld work on your rear trans cross member to make the tailshaft sit at the correct height.
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