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    Default 1975 Skylark S/R interior

    Hey all I'm going to be going through a car handed down to me by my father. It's a 1975 Skylark S/R with a brown/tan interior. I am doing my homework ahead of time to scrounge up interior parts and having decent luck, but I have no idea what the colors are called in the car. My father cannot remember either because it's been so long since he went through the car. Is there any way I can lookup the VIN or find a color chart specifically for the 75 skylark that would show me the interior colors?

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    Cool Re: 1975 Skylark S/R interior

    it may be on the build sheet, i found 2 build sheets on my 76 skylark, 1 on the bottom of the rear seat, the other on top of the gas tank.
    i picked up a 75 nova parts car that has the same interior pieces and the same color as my skylark

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    Default Re: 1975 Skylark S/R interior

    You can breakdown the code from the cowl tag, Look up the PNT code (paint code) and the TRIM code is (usually a three digit code) on some paint websites, you can go to that years paint code, and it will give two (or more) pages that give the trim codes. Here is the website...http://www.autocolorlibrary.com/ Just follow the prompts; it is easy...
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