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    Default Tomahawk for Street Driving? Yes or No?

    Is a Tomahawk (with TA aluminum Stage I heads) a good candidate for someone who's only interested in spirited street driving (no racing)?

    If I want to use the stock 455 intake/Q-Jet and the stock exhaust manifolds/mufflers, would a Tomahawk aluminum block be a poor choice?

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    Default Re: Tomahawk for Street Driving? Yes or No?

    Can't see a reason why it wouldn't be rite at home, if your willing to leave alot of power potential on the table with the stock stuff. Be hard for me to have that much money in a short block and then stifle it stock topend. Imo you would need alot of cid to make it worthwhile. Not saying a 650 ft-lb low rpm mill wouldn't be fun and very cool
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    Default Re: Tomahawk for Street Driving? Yes or No?

    Shouldn't be an issue. Just have on Bulletproof street engine that would be a blast. You could start of with the stock intake and all and upgrade later when you were ready. Good luck. Post pics if you pull the trigger.



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