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    Question hood spring question

    Really silly question: when our gs /skylark cars came from the factory,what covered the end of the hood spring to keep it from causing damage to the rad cover? my cover is now plated and I put a crutch tip on it. works great/ looks hokey, but it works. Kenny 462

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    Default Re: hood spring questiioin

    The end of the spring may have been coated with a soft plastic material from the factory.
    I separated the face from the surface of one of those magnetic credit card-like cards. I then applied the remaining piece to the surface where the hood spring makes contact.
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    Smile Re: hood spring questiioin

    thanks for the info. I will keep my crutch tip. kenny462

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    Default Re: hood spring questiioin

    you could always make it a super man style hood and remove the spring
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    Default Re: hood spring questiioin

    Nothing stopped it from scratching and leaving a circular type mark. Starting in 71 this is just the way it was. What I did on my 71 was just bend the tabs and turn the spring right off. Put it in a box and forget it. It is not really needed. Unless you are doing concourse don't bother using it. Even if you are just put it in loose and take it out before you close hood. Save yourself that sick feeling when it scratches.
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