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    Default Best cleaner for dormant R12 system?

    The air conditioning system has been without the compressor and the lines left open for 8+ years. I replaced the evaporator with a used one when i had the engine out. There old evaporator was cut to clear the headers. I have two original A6 compressors from other Electras and the remaining lines.

    What is the best method to clean the condenser, evaporator, compressor & lines? I've read that i should use mineral oil in the compressor to clean it until it comes out clean. Is brake clean acceptable to use to clean the lines? I'm planning on blowing compressed air through everything afterwards to prevent any dilution of the oil.

    Also i haven't found O-ring kits so i was just planning on buying the assortment.

    New TXV valve, accumulator/drier and i should be good to go. Got an R12 machine too.

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    Default Re: Best cleaner for dormant R12 system?

    compressor may start to leak from the shaft seal if they have been ran in a long time. They still leaked a little even if have been in use. Its kinda the nature of the A6. You can swap in a double lip shaft seal. Brake works for flushing out components. Since you are using r12, Id reuse the original expansion valve. When I restore the ac units I clean out the original expansion valves. No issues. I know a lot of guys will say just buy a new expansion valve but the new aftermarket one are technically for 134a. whereas the original Frigidaire valves were charged with r12. If you need yours restored lkm. Attachment 346895Attachment 346895
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    Default Re: Best cleaner for dormant R12 system?

    I suggest taking the components to an A/C shop and have them flushed professionally. There is a special flushing agent for refrigeration systems as well as flushing gun. Do not use anything but the proper flushing agent. You can buy the agent and flush gun but it will cost you much more than if you take it to someone.

    A system that was left open for long periods needs every component checked/tested or serviced. Otherwise you are gambling that you won't have a problem and have to dump the expensive R12.
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    Default Re: Best cleaner for dormant R12 system?

    You can use the special flushing agent. But when I worked for Classic Auto Air in Tampa Fl. we used brake cleaner. Never an issue. And Classic Auto Air is considered by many to be the leader in factory ac restoration.



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