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    Default PW vs Crank Doorpanel hole locations

    Are the doorpanel holes int the same location for crank and PW switches on the 1966 Wildcats?

    If I convert my cranks over to the PW, will the electric switches cover the crank holes?

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    Default Re: PW vs Crank Doorpanel hole locations

    I don't know for sure, but based on these photos, you may be in luck!

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    Default Re: PW vs Crank Doorpanel hole locations

    You can make a 'filler'to fill the hole out of thick cardboard or pressboard with a backing plate held by contact cement. The material was usually just slit and glued at the hole, so the old material vinyl is still there. Use some acetone on the backing after pulled loose to remove the residual glue. I used this trick on a set of Regal upper panels that came from a manual window car that were in better shape than ones in one of my cars after a stereo shop installed speaker in the panels after being told NOT to install them there... At least it worked on on mine.
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