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    Default 1971 GS Front Door panel screws

    I have found some pictures of a 1970 GS with the screws that fasten the bottom of the door panel to the door that do NOT have a large washer but do appear to have the small beveled washer that is basically the same size as the screw head.
    I have seen some 71 pictures that have a larger washer in addition to this other smaller one.
    These larger washers may have been added as the years go by and the door panel board weakens.

    What is originally correct for 71 GS lower screws for the door panel?
    Troy Acton

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    Default Re: 1971 GS Front Door panel screws

    The trim screws with the small beveled washer are correct. Over the years when the door panels got beat up and the holes got hogged out, they were replaced by the auto parts store trim screws with the big washer.

    Ive only seen the ones with the large chrome washer used on the A/C style kick panels and even those are different looking that the currently available screws.
    Jason Cook
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