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    Default 1250 cfm dominator on a 535 BBB jet down power valve up

    I was told by an old racer buddy since I drive this on the street that I could change out solid metering blocks out and put power valve front and rear that I could drop 10 jet sizes , currently I have 94 square, and plugs look good after a Passat the track ( 1/4 ) and AF reads 13.2 cruising and mid 11ish WOT any body try it ??? my 535 is a 13.5-1 cr stage 2 cnc TA heads full 3" exhaust . car has run 10.70 @ 127 spun hard with a 1.55 60' but I like to drive it to car shows , this carb works well on street the way I have it set up now ..

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    Default Re: 1250 cfm dominator on a 535 BBB jet down power valve up

    It will run better with a PV, much cleaner and crisper
    70 stage 1 Back under construction
    540 Tomahawk, F1c-94 Procharger
    Holley HP EFI, Stage 2 TE's
    Shooting for 1khp at the tire and 5.50s


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    Default Re: 1250 cfm dominator on a 535 BBB jet down power valve up

    I've used them on the street with similar and slightly smaller CI engines and duals with that size or larger.
    Big cams and ported heads need a big gulp to satisfy the needs due to peak piston speeds.
    The linear calculations often used to guestimate CFM do not apply to these hungry beasts.



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