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    Default Possible new racing class (grudge style ) in BG during GS Nationals! Please comment!

    Ok there has been talk of implementing a new class at BG for racing on Friday night under the lights. Steve Kessler who has built TSM back up the last several years has come up with the idea.
    I would like to get a primary V8 sponsor and have a V8 class as they are doing one for 109 block (stock 3.8 Turbo Buick motor).
    Here are the rules so far for the 109 class:
    King of the 109 Cash Days
    16 car field - buy in required
    275s or 28x10 tires
    109 blocks
    Door cars with stock style suspension
    Instant green tree
    Chip draw for matchups - callouts allowed. Repeat each round.
    Winner take all
    No rules, no excuses, RWYB
    So V8 guys what do you think? We have a primary sponsor designed for the V6 and would probably have a king of the hill run off between 109 vs 455 etc... Looking to be Friday night under the lights at BG! Could be a great resurrection of grudge racing especially in BG. Let me know your thoughts. Trying to get this all finalized by the end of the month!
    Tony Rose
    Tony Rose
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    Always interested in purchasing anything collector car related, circa 1950 to present, especially Buick GS, Turbo Regals and Electra 225s, and GM related specialty vehicles. Also open to special interest vehicles as well. Please message for any details or leads on cars for sale or possibly for sale.

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    Default Re: Possible new racing class (grudge style ) in BG during GS Nationals! Please comme

    Im all for it. Dont have anything to run that fits into the class but it would be way fun to watch. 1/8th or 1/4 mile?
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    Default Re: Possible new racing class (grudge style ) in BG during GS Nationals! Please comme

    Bump for this great idea. Our car is nowhere near ready but this would be very cool.
    69 GS400 convertible 4-speed
    69 GS STG 2 10.04@130

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    Default Re: Possible new racing class (grudge style ) in BG during GS Nationals! Please comme

    I'm not ready either but I will be pulling my 67GS out there one of these years from California to play with you all
    I dont't have a 109 but the brochure looks nice. it's on my to get list. right after the 70GS stg1
    $$$* 1967 Buick GS 400 *$$$

    Joe M.

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