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    Default Hello, seeking advice

    Hello all,
    I just joined the forum after lurking for a while. My father recently passed away, and my son and I have decided we would like to restore his old (non-running) 1969 GS400 as a tribute. I will give it to my son if we ever get it finished. It has been in storage since 1987, engine not prepared for storage or run since. I would like to restore it as I remember it, my dad's daily driver. Nothing fancy. The first thing I would like to do is get a 400 engine back in it. My dad was the original owner, and the 400ci was blown and replaced by me and him with a 350ci in 1975. I dont have the 400 to rebuild, but would like to find one to rebuild. This seems like a hard thing to do - find a 400 to rebuild. Am I wrong? Can anyone give me a lead on where to find one? Or, should I just rebuild the 350 that is in there now? As long as I have to completely rebuild an engine anyway, I would like to get the original size engine back in there. Any ideas on cost for the engine and rebuild?

    This project is just a father/son thing. I am not intending to make a show car. Along the way, I hope my son will remember his grandpa and learn some mechanics, too. Like I did from my dad, on the very same car.

    Thank you for your time,

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    Default Re: Hello, seeking advice

    Welcome to this V8 brotherhood from Long Island,NY.Like you said,I have to rebuild it anyway,might as well go with a 400.I don't have a 69,I do have a 68 complete engine,minus the carb,if you are interested,but I'm sure that you will find one not you far from you.Bruno.
    Bruno Dipaola
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