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    Default Swapping to an Edelbrock

    I'm swapping out my current carb setup for a single 4 barrel. I went with the edelbrock 1407 with manual choke. Do I need a carb adapter. Can someone help me with part numbers I picked up an Edelbrock heat plate part number 9266 and it's wide to mount to the nailhead intake.

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    Default Re: Swapping to an Edelbrock

    If you had a square bore carb on there to begin with (Carter, Holley), the Edelbrock will bolt right on. If you had a spread bore (Quadrajet) you'll need an adapter like this one: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/edl-2696/overview/

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    Default Re: Swapping to an Edelbrock

    I just did this on my 425. I used a 1411 Edelbrock with a factory gasket, and an AFB full open steel baffle plate. Search my other threads and you'll find a write up I did on the swap.




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