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somebody already mounted a DIN chassis radio in the hole so that area has been pre-butchered for me. Not sure yet what I'll do there yet but I have a plasma cutter and a mig-tig so I can probably make just about anything I want if my talent will allow it. I also have the advantage of a full sheetmetal shop at work(I teach an aviation maintenance course for A&P's) so I can cut, shear, bend, roll etc. to whatever limit I feel I want. Should help me build a console for it I hope. I just can't wait to move the car in the shop when it's done and I can start getting stupid with it. I hope all the body bolts come out okay because I intend on doing the 5.3 with the body off the chassis at some point. I'm hoping for good things!

mine had a place on it on the radio also I used a delete panel off a special to cover it. you could make a whole new panel out of sheet metal instead of the pot metal. the issue you will have you cant weld the pot metal stuff so if you want to use it you will need to figure out things like that. just depends how oem you want the inside to be. my car will look totally stock. inside other than having the chrome painted aluminum rather than chrome.