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    Default looking for a cast iron paint color


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    Default Re: looking for a cast iron paint color

    Duplicolor makes a cast iron engine enamel. I've seen it at most parts stores. Maybe you could check it out in person and see if it fits the bill?
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    Default Re: looking for a cast iron paint color


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    Default Re: looking for a cast iron paint color

    X2 - I purchased a bunch of them like Cast Blast, Eastwood etc but I found the best to be DE 1651 Duplicolor for Cast Iron. Seems to have the best look, others seem to off. For $5-$8 dollars try it out on some old parts and check the color.


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    Default Re: looking for a cast iron paint color

    Glass bead-blast the parts and use VHT Flameproof Satin Clear (SP115). That's if bead-blasting is an option, and assuming you're painting cast iron parts. I've used it on a couple of suspension/steering components, and you can barely tell it's coated! It looks really glossy when it's wet, but dries a fairly dull satin.
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    Default Re: looking for a cast iron paint color

    I have used both the glass beading with satin clear coat method and Seymour Cast products with excellent results.
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    Default Re: looking for a cast iron paint color

    Plastikote Rebuilders Cast Gray (available at many local APs) or Seymour Cast Blast. Hard to tell the difference between the two. Buying local avoids paying as much in shipping as the product costs.
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    Default Re: looking for a cast iron paint color

    I don't know what your intended project is, but if you're looking to coat exhaust manifolds this stuff is easy to use and works great.......................http://www.eastwood.com/calyx-manifold-coating.html

    It works just as well on brake parts such as master cylinders or calipers. It's kinda like finger painting in grade school or you can use a foam brush.

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    Default Re: looking for a cast iron paint color

    I got the por15 manifold grey...it's for my 71 ss rims...last color was to dark



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