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    Default 455 induction and power potential

    When I hear of guys building big power in a 455 I usually hear of them using a single 4 intake. Are the dual 4, tri power, or injected intakes not worth the cost or do they rob hp? I have heard that offy intakes usually rob power (In nailheads and bbb)
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    Default Re: 455 induction and power potential

    Dual Quad has been discussed here, http://www.v8buick.com/showthread.ph...-Dual-Quad-BBB

    I am unaware of any tri power intake available for the BBB.

    Fuel injection offers better drive ability and self tuning. I'd like to do that eventually, but I will wait as I feel better systems are in the works.
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    Default Re: 455 induction and power potential

    Tall deck engines and modern single plane intakes work very well together by utilizing both an easier transition to the heads and the benefit of intake ramming via wave reflection acoustics.

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    Default Re: 455 induction and power potential

    Ported alum heads are the key to easy power.
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    Default Re: 455 induction and power potential

    Quote Originally Posted by sean Buick 76 View Post
    Ported alum heads are the key to easy power.
    ^^^This!^^^ A set of decently ported aluminum heads really opens Pandora's box as far as power goes in these Buicks. Some guys make really good power with good ported iron heads as well, but aluminum heads make it easier (and have some other benefits as well). Even then it's still key to have a combo that works well together, but the heads are a big part of it.
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    Default Re: 455 induction and power potential

    Virtually all multi-carb intakes are designed for style, not for power. Tunnel rams might be an exception.

    If you're not running a tunnel ram or other tuned-port multi-carb system like the ancient Chrysler Long Rams, a multi-carb intake will do well to make AS MUCH power as a properly set up single four on a (good) performance-style manifold.

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    Default Re: 455 induction and power potential

    You can also utilize a Mopar intake with a set of adapter plates

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