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    Default 1972 GS tail light lenses

    Guys...these are from a local fellow whom got paint or overspray grey primer on them. Apparently he did attempt to remove some of the primer/paint/crud stuff but not all came off. He asked me if I could help him sell them... so here I am. . . .
    A quick look at these and perhaps some elbo grease with polish and other professional lense cleaning stuff should yield some nice lenses. NO cracks, NO crazing and no crazed areas around the screws... actually, Its too bad they got this goop on them and even tho its gunna take some work, once these are cleaned/polished, I think they could be very nice quality.
    SO while its too cold for most of you UP Northerners to work on your car, you could at least polish these lenses sittin in the basement all nice and cozy till you see the Sun sometime in May. . . .

    Gary wants $50 for the pair. Guess'n about $18 to ship.

    Get in line here first then PM me your intent to PayPal me within 24 hours.

    Wheelz, Tampa Bay
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    Default Re: 1972 GS tail light lenses

    Inline, PM sent.

    1972 GS 350 Seamist Green
    2002 Trans Am WS6 6-speed



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