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    Default 68 Riv Road Wheel Center Caps


    I was just wondering what the center caps for the 68 Riviera wheels should look like. (I called them Road Wheels, not sure if that's the proper term, I'm talking about the chrome steel wheels) The caps on the wheels on my 68 are sort of silver with a Riviera emblem behind a clear plastic cover. Were the chromed steel wheels an option on the 68 Rivs? Thanks for any input!

    Jim Humphrey

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    The Riviera center caps, (cones I call them) come up on ebay quite often.
    Heres a set for sale with a pic.Click Here.


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    I have a 68 Rivie GS an a 69 Lesabre 400 an A 69 Electra 225 An ANY Rivie/Electra u ordered with the road wheels Chrome factory stock at that time HAD the CENTER opening (WHERE the CAP/Mounts Was 2 1/8" DIA ).... Later Road wheels ( the 70s an up to 1977) Had various Rims/roadwheels, some of them had 14" Wheel kinda Like the Earler SKYLARK style an Some had the Standerd 15"x 6" wide x5 hole 0n 5" bolt circle, with 2" Centerscap that reads (BUICK MOTOR DIVISION) TRI SHIELD) style , also had the (Plastic (R) iviera) same Dim's , the 60's centers were Cone style 2 1/8" retaining rings. with various BUICK plastic Emblems , so u see most wheels will fit the BIG Models rivie, electra ,LeSabre"s, but (NOTE) the center Dia For a Matched set so all centers will be same ....... I have over 30 (5) per car + spares of these Wheels All In Good to Excl Condition

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    Default Questions...

    Hey there,

    I have a few q's.

    1) how do you read tire measurements?

    2) what affect does the size of the tire have on gas mileage?
    (have an idea, just not refined)

    D. Jason Carter



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