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    We are always building BUICK engines in the shop. But a number of OLDS engines too. We just completed several OLDS engines. One of them is a "Stock Appearing" combo. Factory Iron block, heads, and factory manifolds and Q JET. All correct dated castings for the year of the car. And it went in Corey's 68 OLDS. We took it to the track on Sunday. And ran it "as is" without turning a screw. It was a very busy track day, so no time to tune it, and it was an 1/8 mile program so we only got to make a single 1/4 mile pass. Car came out like gang busters !! Pulling a wheelie. And unfortunately, the way the car twisted, it caused a problem with the shifter linkage and the car shifted itself way too early into third from first. Missing second gear !! The car still made a mid 11 second pass. Turning an 11:50 ET. There were a couple of tenths lost from the car shifting directly from first to third and a tenth lost in the car twisting. It was a good FIRST shake down pass though. It will be interesting to see what the OLDS runs with proper shift points. With timing and jetting optimized. And the launch and suspension sorted out. We will go back to the track on a good test and tune day and dial the car in. What will it run next ???

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    wow thats moving! what size cid engine?

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    The combo consists of all the correct 1968 Factory engine castings, "C" heads., 400 block , and correct cast iron exhaust manifolds. The car twisted so much out of the hole that the column shifter was binding and the car short shifted directly from First to Third gear. Never saw second gear. It still went 11:50 ET without second gear. Although that twist wheelie, looks pretty cool. It is not helping with the launch and performance. Some suspension adjustments being made to eliminate the flex and twisting and making sure the column shifter is working properly. And then back to the track for some test and tune.
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    This stock appearing stuff blows my mind.
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    Ima go with 11.17.

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    It's a big Pro Mod event this weekend. Going to be jam packed at the track. Would be lucky to get even one pass in. Not complaining though. With so many tracks closing these days. Our local track has many big events and a lot of sponsors. Owner's three sons taking over running the track. They have one of the worlds fastest 4 cylinder race cars. As a result the track conditions are usually quite good and they have made a lot of improvements at our track. There are a LOT of seriously fast cars at our track. Always a good program and big pay outs. Going to wait for a day that is less crowded to bring the OLDS back for test and tune. We don't like to make predictions. Anyone else want to take a crack at what they think the OLDS might run ? What will be ?
    Will be. Check out the video on the 4 cylinder the owners of the track run !!! Carl Brunet new personal record 4-second pass powered by FuelTech FT600! - YouTube
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    Is the HR Parts n stuff rear bar an option? That will straighten it out, but not stock appearing.

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    Yeah an anti roll bar would for sure help straighten out the launch. They do work well. But then the car wouldn't look stock. Working on straightening it out and keeping it looking factory.
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    Napierville is an NHRA Sanctioned track. It's has been there for decades. They have made huge improvements over the last few years. It's close to the Vermont and New York State and right off the Interstate HI ways. And statically located. For a lot of folks It is closer than Lebanon Valley. They even have a Vermont/NY day. Luckily for us it is about 20 minutes away. But with so many big events there, the place is packed and crowded when there are such events. If we want to test and tune. We have to pick the best days to go. The crowds' cars and participants have increased in the past few years significantly. And they have a lot of willing sponsors. And though it is usually packed on weekends. The race pay outs are excellent. Rather it be packed, and the track stays open with a good future. Rather than no cars no people. And the prospect of closing. We wondered if the owner was going to retire and close up. But it's great that his sons are into racing and running the track now. We had several BUICK meets at the track and they were very successful. Lot of BUICKS showed up. Would be fun to do that again sometime. We have considered renting the track to get some quality test and tune time. But this year we will pick a good day for test and tuning.
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    I'm about 45 minutes from Napierville. I've never been to the track though. My dang car trailer is a little short on the paperwork so I'm hesitant to cross the border with it. I've heard its a great track, just gotta figure out the French talk on the loud speakers..
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    The bar there is really cool and I don't even drink!
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    MPH? I could make a better guess with that info.

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    I used to NOT like Napierville that much. But since they upgraded and made improvements. And they now have different events. Like No Prep, Radial Prep , Outlaw, No time, and Grudge Match. And the owner's sons are racers too. They seem to have a handle on prepping the track. People won't go if the track isn't a "House Of Hook". I have never heard of anyone having any difficulty at the border. So many folks go through to race and when they see the car and trailer they practically wave them through. When they say they are going to the track. Knowing where they are going. It was a busy day when we went to the track. First time out with the OLDS. We just ran the car "as is" without any adjustments in jetting or timing. I think it went 117 MPH jumping from first to third gear seriously dropping in RPM shifting into third. Still need to determine optimum shift points timing and jetting. And especially correct the launch twist. I don't like to make or believe in predictions. I hope we can get a good test and tune day. What will be will be. We are wondering now how the OLDS will run compared to Duane's GSX? The cars are pretty much set up as stock appearing. With correct factory castings. GSX'S combo is 25+ years old now. But it's FAST !!

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    Buy the TRZ anti roll kit and nothing is seen under the car. Great thing about it, is that you can unhook it in minutes if you run a class where its not legal to run suspension mods. People will scratch their head when they even dont see a thin sway bar down there. Its easy to install too.

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    Thanks for the advice on the TRZ. We have a similar set up along with other adjustable suspension components and an anti roll bar on the 530" aluminum block car that we run at Napierville . It works really well. They have a "Radial Tire" 1/8 mile class at Napierville. We managed to tune the suspension to get the car to hook in 1:30 60 FT range with Mickey Thompsom ET STREET RADIALS and ran the car with a 5:70 ET dial in in the 1/8 mile. Pretty sure we can get it to consistently run with a in the 5:50 dial range in the 1/8. There are some Outlaw "No Time" small tire classes too. Going to try and run in some of those classes. While improving on the combo. There are a LOT of really fast cars to compete with. But it is fun to run with street strip car a door slammer with a full interior and exhaust along with some all out race cars. Going to work on tuning the suspension on the OLDS. Get that one sorted out too.

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