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    There is nothing done to the car itself. It is still stock original and even has power windows. It is my brother Corey's car. He and brother Duane built the engine combo. I don't know all the details. Corey did post some of it on Facebook and some of the forums. It isn't really built for any particular class. It certainly isn't like one of the F.A.S.T. participants. That have all aftermarket engine blocks and heads. Cars that are lightened up with electronics and have fuel cells in the trunk. They are really,
    purpose-built race cars. The OLDS is probably more stock appearing. Especially since it has factory castings including the correct exhaust manifolds. I know it is a low compression engine with 9.2:1 CR. He can drive up to the pump fill it, drive it, and race it on pump gas. He wanted to be able to drive the car anywhere and anytime. And go cruising on Sundays. And not have to mess around with fuel. Going to try and do some more test and tuning. And once it's dialed in. Then tune it to run with stock wheels and tires. It is pretty exciting to be able to run something like an OLDS for a change. Be interesting to see how it compares performance wise compared to Duane's GSX. Once the OLDS is fully sorted out.
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    Thanks for the reply.

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    Well back to the track TODAY. Didn't get much done in the way of tuning. But did get the car to shift through all three gears. It still has that wicked launch twist. That need to be corrected.

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    Back to the track. Some tuning. 11:20'S ET and 119 MPH. Increasing the timing and it kept going faster. Finally blowing the tires away. Packed it in for the day. Some more suspension tuning in order.
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    Gonna beat my 11.17 prognostication...
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    I guess its a secret.. Can't see being only 400 ci and running 11.10 being still all iron plus being a 68 400 motor with a small bore??
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    Several of these blocks will go out to 4.00" bore making them a 427 ci with the stoke stroke, but the stock late 400/455 crank can also be stroked to 4.50" or slightly more. Could be 453 cu in or larger !
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    I ran an Olds 330 .060 over with big block F heads, ported and intake matched, with TRW 10.25 a W31 cam, Rhode's lifters, single, stock exhaust, Q-jet with a Saginaw out of a Vega with some great gearing and a 3.08 posi. In my 64 Special. It was a beast and a wild child on the street stop light world. Ran a 67 442 with a big block in the highway stomping about 55mph and watched him walk away.

    The correct built small block, properly geared, can be a killer on the street, but the correct muscle of a BB and same attention to gearing is no match when yo start moving them groceries down the road.

    I love both, for their different "feel".

    Damn, hot rodding is almost better than sex.

    Even if it takes every dollar you will ever make...
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    Am I reading right that it had a stoke single exhaust?
    From what I have read the Olds 350 Ram Rods and 330 could really run.
    If that 1/8 inch more bore helped the troubled 68 and 69 400's "as in not wanting to rev" i'm guessing this 11 second has these mods?? Or he found a nice recipe on that 400??
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    Yes. I bought a 66 f-85 and swapped everything over to my '64 Special.
    (The f-85 330;had the heads replaced for bad valve guides and the F heads were simply knurled valve guides and swapped on the ladies's car and lasted a few months, so she listed it for $125, and how I was lucky enough to get them.)

    I wanted dual exhaust, but had limited budget as a young GI, so I ran it with the single stock exhaust, ran down from one manifold up to the other manifold then out the the exhaust.

    I also pushed it to 7k RPM, and with the Saginaw 4 speed (63Vega) with a really aggressive 1st, it just launched like a beast, and running up to 70mph from a stop light, only got bested 3 times from more than 50 runs.

    Beat motorcycles, and about anything else from dead stop.

    A turbo Caddis, Vette that was purpose built and that Olds BB on the highway, were the only three that left me. Everything else in the 78-83 era was owned by the OldsmoBuick.

    A lot of luck (once in a lifetime) and stuff I learned from a family of drag racing/engineering/innovating folk and some damned good genetics, made for some great times and fun.

    I am a Buick diehard, but I love my Olds cousins!!!

    And cousins makin' babies ain't always a bad thing!

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    My 2nd love is Pontiac's but anything GM is my go to..
    Olds sure did have some of the best Ram Air systems though. Saw a old road test on a 70 GTO and pulling that ram air knob under the dash gave it like .15 seconds in the 1/4. Could of been a false advertising thing??
    The scoops although at a decent spot are on the small side..

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    The OLDS is my brother Corey's car . He and brother Duane built the engine. Corey has mentioned details about the car on FB and a couple of other forums. Trying to get to the track at least one more time before it closes. Which we hope they haven't closed for the season already. Being a new combo they are hoping to try and fine tune it and get it running better. I would suppose being a 1968 the OLDS under the bumper ram air system could be used. But I don't think there are any immediate plans to install one. If the track closes? Will have to wait till next year.
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    Any idea which Olds forums ? Inquiring Oldsmobile minds are interested in the details, (not that I'll consider re-installing the G block back into my 68).
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    Which one, lol? Could easily be all of the above:).
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