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  1. C3dbc

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    I have just obtained a 1965 Riviera that has the original 401 motor that was rebuilt about 25,000 miles ago. It has been parked for about ten years and has mildew on it. The A/c compressor is newer with R134 and has cruise control and auto headlight dimmer, clamshell motors newer and working.

    Does anyone have an idea of what it might be worth as is? I've looked at Hagerty for the value once complete. It is not in complete state but very far from being a parts car.

    It has some rust around the windows.

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  2. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    Sorry....it's a parts car....maybe driver if someone is crazy enough to put the work into it to get it in running condition.
    Sitting out like it has really devalues the value of any parts that could be resold from that car....
    Might be worth a thousand in today's screwed up world.....

    Good luck with the car.

    Peace WildBill
  3. bostoncat68

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    Well obviously it is rough but 1965 is also sought after. As Bill suggested, there's no incentive to put big money into restoring it because it's not worth a ton when it's complete. I don't know the value as shown, but it's not substantial. I think the biggest issue is frame condition - which I expect to be bad if it sat on the grass. That's a killer as that means the bones are bad. You also have not stated if it runs and drives, I assume not?? Saying it was rebuilt 25K ago means very little if the pistons are rusted into the block or mice are in it or whatever... it's encouraging but given the situation, not going to make it valuable. Someone might love to have it to bring another rough 1965 to life -- make two rough cars into one. If your goal is to sell it, wash it thoroughly inside and out, (really clean - not half-ass) move it onto a driveway, and put it on eBay or something similar. Nothing lowers the value more than lots of dirt and visuals that say it hasn't moved in a decade (e.g the bush growing in the hood).
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  4. C3dbc

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    Thank you for your opinion. It cleaned up pretty easily and runs smoothly.

    The a/c with R134 held a charge for eight years and blows cold.

    The options that it has are in working order and I would think bring more than a grand by themselves.

    4 note horn, working a/c,working power seat, working rear window defrost, rear belts and arm rest, working automatic light dimmer, trunk release, working clamshell motor, am/fm plays and working cruise control.
    The driver's window motor is a little slow and may need the door skin removed and greased.

    I replaced the fuel tank as a precaution but I got lucky on the undercarriage. It runs and stops like it should. It needs some work on the top of the wind shield and repaint to be a nice driver. I'm sure some of the components and vacuum hoses that haven't been replaced will require attention at some point.

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  5. Topcat

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    I might have a cash buyer for you...where is the car located....what is your price and he wants to see a picture of the motor running....he has inspected the pictures and says that the back AC belt in the first picture of the motor and the newer picture posted seems to never have moved as the logo printed on the top of the belt is in the same position.....also he wants a picture of the 4-note horns hanging from the hood.

    Peace WildBill
  6. C3dbc

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    I'm not looking for a buyer for my car. He can keep those 10 crispy 100 dollar bills for a rear window defroster out of one of these cars and maybe a remote vacuum operated trunk release located in the glove box. Maybe both.

    I was trying to determine roughly what the value may be before I had the wind shield and rear glass removed to repair leaks that older GM cars are famous for.

    I have since found someone who will make the needed repairs by welding metal back where it is needed above the windshield. I have spoken with some knowledgeable Riviera owners who have been able to provide useful information. It appears that it is worth making those repairs. At least for what my plans are for it.

    It will never be a concourse restoration but it is the most highly optioned 1965 non GS Riviera I have ever seen in my life. I would have never imagined being in a position to own it.

    The car is in SC about two miles from the Columbia Mtropolitin Airport.

    The two additional horns are in the trunk with some of the other parts. Pictured behind the original 401 intake for the car. It has a 66 intake and Qjet on the car now.

    The video my wife took of it running while the clam shells open and shut is not the correct format to upload.

    I commend your friend's ability to tell so much about a car based on the position of an a/c
    belt. I will have the a/c looked at to see how it blows cold air with that belt not moving. There is no way it could be in a similar position twice.

    Also pictured is my 1969 Ford Coupe that might be worth a couple hundred bucks with the original 429.

    The 65 parts car will be pictured on this site as the body work and paint progresses over the next few months. Meanwhile the logo on the A/C belt will make many revolutions just like the one on my Thunderbird.


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  7. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    Sorry about that....i thought you were trying to determine value for a future sale....my friend has a very solid plane jane 65 blown motor car and was interested in your car after i told him about it......i showed him the pictures on my shop computer and he picked out the belt logo thing :p
    He has more than $100's to offer.....if you decide to sell it...contact me.

    Peace WildBill
  8. C3dbc

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    I will keep that in mind and would probably advertise on this site. It seems to have a passionate following for all things Buick.

    The previous owner moved it out of his shop to make room for a rotisserie restoration on his 64 Impala SS. He ran into health issues and it stayed outside longer than he had planned for it to.

    The interior is original in my car and needs some stitching repairs. Carpet looks as expected for moisture getting in. Clamshells open and close pretty strong. You can definately hear them from inside the car closing.

    My kids are grown and I don't forsee having to sell this one to buy cars for teen aged kids as I have in the past.

    Previous owner is a retired engineer and very finicky. I suspect the motor may not have needed to be rebuilt at the time it was done.. The tags expired IN FEB 21 and it was insured until he sold it to me.

    Keep an eye on this page for updates. I plan on driving it to a local show the first Saturday in November as a sideline spectator project car.

    I am trying to decide if I will be on the Road wheels or the wire hub caps for that short drive.

    Take care
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