1969 GS-GTO-Chevelle hood hinge interchangeability??

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    Also, won't some lenses show the model year in their code? Also, if you don't have a VIN decoder list, you could run the VIN through a search site on your cell phone while you're there, possibly.
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    Original Factory lenses will show a model year on the lens, however it will be the first model year that they were used.

    Case in point, taillight lenses for 69 Skylark/GS cars are dated 68, as that was the first year they were used.
    Same thing applies to other parts, as all 71-72 core supports are dated SAE71.
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    Ah, I should have known that. Thanks for the reminder, Duane.
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    The sixth digit of the VIN is the year (44667(8)H; 44667(9)H). If that’s unreadable, look at the trim tag. If it’s a ‘68 the PAINT code will start with a letter; ‘69 it’ll start with a two digit number.
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