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    In mid 2007 I sold a 70 Stage 1 that was factory 68-E colors Burnished saddle with tan top and matching burnished interior.

    The buyer bought it to flip so he drove for a while then ran it through an auction, Mecum I believe and it went to a new owner. This would have been Mecum, Indy and I once heard the car was in Indiana somewhere in the Bloomington area. I was cleaning out some boxes recently I came across some old paperwork associated with the car including a copy of previous owners title, some of our communications etc.

    The car is still in the Stage1Registry under my name VIN 446370H335733.
    So, if it's your car I can share some history and paperwork with you if you'd like. Feel free to reach out to me.

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    I'll add the VIN w/"0" vs. "O" in case anyone ever does a Google search it'll find this thread.

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    Good catch, thanks bud!
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