1971 GSX I owned in the early 1990's

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  1. Bobby M

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    I was going through a box of old photographs and ran across these of a 1971 GSX I owned in the early 1990's. Someone out there has this car and I thought I would post the pics, just in case they are curious about the history. I don't have a lot of info about the car, but here's what I know. I bought it in Huntsville, AL. from the guy in the photo. His dad owned Stockton Buick on University Drive in the 1980's. (Note the front tag.) I don't remember his first name. According to him, he smashed the front end against a tree or pole while goofing around on a rainy street one night. He was not the original owner. I sold the car shortly afterward to a man from the Anniston, AL area. It was a 455 4-speed with air. I had forgotten about the hood tach until I saw these pictures. The car had the factory original silver paint and black interior. It was totally stock - no modifications whatsoever that I know of. It was untouched under the hood, no spray bomb paint or anything of that sort. It was not a clone. I don't have the VIN. I spotted this car while riding my bicycle around in Huntsville. It was always parked outside in the driveway with the nose stuck in the garage and the garage door down on the hood. One day I stopped and inquired about purchasing the car. He was interested and asked me for an offer. I offered $10,000 and he accepted. The mileage was 42,xxx and evidently correct. It was in great condition except for the nose damage. I spotted and bought many other collector cars in in the late 1980's in Huntsville and Decatur, mostly while riding my bicycle: 1966 Chevelle SS from the owner since 1968, 1971 Chevelle SS-350 one lady owner, 1972 Chevelle SS I used as a daily driver for some time, two 1965 Corvettes - a coupe and a convertible. These pictures were taken at Stadium Apartments just off Ivy Ave. SW in Huntsville.

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  2. Mike Sobotka

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    Hmmmmm. This story sounds very familiar. I am pretty sure I have this car. Did it have power steering at that time??
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  3. Bobby M

    Bobby M New Member

    Yes, power steering and power brakes. Update: I stand corrected. I guess it did have manual steering. I don't remember that but that's what the other owners indicate.
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  4. dl7265

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    Heard it had a new GM hood , never saw that photograph before .
  5. Gallagher

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    Will you please post some current pictures?
    That's a great looking car.
  6. gsjohnny1

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    only know of one silver gsx. wonder if that's the one from n.j. that was supposedly sold to the south way back then. if it is, I have the original owners name here someplace.
  7. Bobby M

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    Could be. I advertised the car for sale in Hemmings in 1991. A guy from somewhere up north called. He wasn't interested in a purchase, just for some reason wanted to tell me he used to own it. I was thinking he was from Indiana or Illinois or but it could have been NJ. That was a long time ago.
  8. pbr400

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    There’s a silver ‘71 that’s been showing up in Bowling Green for years, staying at the Scottish Inn/Red Roof, with, I think, New York plates and a bike rack. I’ve never met the driver, though, and it’s been a few years since I’ve seen it. Same car?

    BQUICK Gold Level Contributor

    I was second owner......
    I sold it to Ben Stockton who came up in a private plane with his girlfriend. He drove it back getting 3 tickets along the way while she flew the plane back.
    I think he was racing her...haha....I guess the tickets slowed him down so he lost.

    Car was a handful....455, 4 spd, open rear, manual steering....but AC to keep you cool while wrestling it....
    Original Polyglas tires on it when I had it. Had to keep rotating to right rear to even them out......it was like having a tire truing machine on the car. Uneven wear.....nice burnout fixed that.

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  10. DBS

    DBS Well-Known Member

    Wow, I was wondering if there was ever a manual steering/AC GS made.
  11. BQUICK

    BQUICK Gold Level Contributor

    Original owner wanted "feel of the road" but at like 6.5 turns lock-to-lock it was more like working the road. With the 4 speed and clutch with the truck steering, it felt like well....driving a truck. Parallel parking on a hill with all that and wide Polyglas and close ratio trans, relatively heavy clutch (had a heavier return spring since original kept breaking) was a bear.
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  12. Mike Sobotka

    Mike Sobotka Founders Club Member

    Original owners name is Robert Laird Dowson from New Jersey.
  13. BQUICK

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  14. Bobby M

    Bobby M New Member

    Yes , it was Ben Stockton I bought it from. It was he who smashed the front end. I had forgotten all about the manual steering. That is Ben in the picture I posted. That was the day I bought the car from him. I never titled the car. I didn't have it very long. As I mentioned before, I sold it to a guy from the Anniston, AL area.
  15. 704spd

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    Very cool. Thanks for posting. I have a 70 4spd, with manual steering , AC and disc brakes.
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  16. 1972 Stage 1

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    Crazy history on this car. I thought I knew the car well, but apparently not!
  17. RobertL

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    Yes that was me. Robert Dowson

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  18. Mike Sobotka

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    I wonder where I might obtain a copy of that Order/purchase sheet.......
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  19. racenu

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    Cool thread
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