1973 LeSabre Custom 350-4

Discussion in 'Cars for sale' started by C.Rob, Nov 21, 2021.

  1. C.Rob

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    Selling my 1973 LeSabre to get my 70 GS Stage 1 finished. Located in Erie Pa. May take trades.
    1973 Buick LeSabre coupe. Custom trim, bench seat, 350 4brl, nice interior, very nice chrome and paint. Never Bondo or rust repair. Factory undercoating still like day it was done. Rebuilt carburetor and new master cylinder. Drives down the road straight and smooth at 100. Drove it 60 miles a day for last 3 months. Runs perfect. Get in and drive anywhere. $7150

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  2. Dano

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    Nice looking car - Seems reasonable. Not in line but how many miles? If it doesn't sell, I'd submit it to Bringatrailer.com. looks like a car that would do decently on there.
  3. Stage1 Electra

    Stage1 Electra Well-Known Member

    Inline pm sent
  4. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly escaped mental patient

    looks very nice
  5. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    Not in line but some pics of it outdoors would be a great help for potential buyers.
  6. NJ GM Buick

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    Can you please send me some interior pics, dash, engine, mileage. Give call if you get a chance please. 609 713 5833, some questions
  7. NJ GM Buick

    NJ GM Buick Active Member

    Rob, can you please send some interior,engine, trunk shots. Questions too, please call 609 713 5833. pcuratolo1@reagan.com thank you
  8. Stage1 Electra

    Stage1 Electra Well-Known Member

    Stepping out if line, GLWS !

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