1973 Riviera VIN data

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    Trying to find out if anyone has Flint production info by Vin for June and July 1973. I know the VIN Of the last Buick produced at Flint for 73, but specifically I'm looking for the VIN of the last Riviera. My 73 was built the last week of June. I'm wondering how close to the end mine is as these are the last boat tails produced. Were any built in July 73? And yes, I've spoken to someone at Sloan Museum, they don't have that breakdown. I don't have my build sheet which would give the build date of my car. The last week of June 1973 ran Monday through Friday. My VIN ends in 588397, anyone have a higher VIN or one close to mine? know your build date?
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    Since this is your first post on the board:


    I believe I already replied to your question in a Facebook group.
    Are you the one with the window sticker made by Mike Trom?

    This is what I posted on Facebook:

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    Yes you did, thank you. I also heard from Mike Tromm. So far no breakdown by VIN and model. Just production totals and the VINs of the first and last cars produced at Flint for 73. .
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    Usually the production run ended in July, not June. The last six of the VIN would be the sequence number from the plant your car was produced at.
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    Yes, I know that. And yes, production at Flint did go into July as 14,000 more Buicks were built at Flint after mine. What I am looking for is a breakdown by VIN and date of the cars built at Flint in June and Jult to see which ones are Rivieras, and when the last one was built in relation to mine. Or, if anyone here owns a Riviera built in June or July and if they know the week or date it was built. 1 knowledgeable source told me that he has never seen a July build 73 Riviera. Thanks everyone for your replies so far!
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    I have the final material usage report from 1973, unfortunately there's no date on it, of course.
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    Some very loose napkin math ~

    602,593 - 400,001 = 202,592.

    divided by 11 (holidays + 2-week model year change-over) = 18,417 / mnth.

    602,593 - 588,397 = 14,196.

    Looks like you'd be about 3 weeks from the end of production.

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