1983 Electra Park Avenue, family ride

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    Cool project, I love the cruisers! I as well love to cruise the big cars, my 75 Regal 4 door is an amazing family car, the kids love it.
  2. TAG

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    Ahh the nostalgia... Just made an order. All new brake parts, new parking brake cables, all new bushings, in other words, everything new to rear. So rear will get done this winter.
    I have control arms and rear out, they go to blasting and painting.

    Also i got the paperwork. Indeed, this exact car has been the top-of-the-line car at Nokia ( which you guys know from their telephones), from 1983 to 1989. Cool history, and worth preserving. Im going to ask for old register plates. Its turning out to be bigger project every passing day, but hey, so are all old cars the more you look at them.
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  3. TAG

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    Haha.. Whole order started from leaking rear brake cylinder.. Forgot to order brake cylinders :D:p
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  4. TAG

    TAG Well-Known Member

    Winter vacation started, and i thought to give myself a few presents. Last year i bought proper welding equipment, this year i decided i deserve sand-blasting cabinet and compressor to run it.


    Great sale, -46%! 620 litres @ 6bar, 5,5kw motor. Made in Italy.

    Well, then i needed blasting cabinet. I bought the biggest one i could "afford", going bigger than this would have tripled the price o_O Interestingly, this same cabinet with fixed vacuum costs 900€, but this one is 250€ and exact same vacuum separately bought 200€, so total of lets say 500€ with costs to install and wire it o_O
    Anyways, spend about 6 hours to address few things i didnt like, and when building it, every seam and bolt-hole got put together with industrial combined glue+seam sealer so it wont leak dust to my garage. Now to buy that vacuum and install plus wire it.


    Takes a wheel easily. Going to blast all control arms, brake parts etc etc.


    Maybe next year ill present myself with painting room, i have one spare room at basement, next door to garage :rolleyes:
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  5. TAG

    TAG Well-Known Member

    So, kind of alot has been done, but little visible things. Electrician #1 newer showed up to do modifications to electric cabinet to run the compressor, now waiting #2. Hopefully next thursday or friday he shows up.

    I pretty much have everything i need, and i sold the manual choke Carter AFB from the car, currently without carb. Contemplating if rebuilding Quadrajet from 76 Olds 350, or rather buy either new Holley or Edelbrock. I had excellent experience on my last car from dual AVS2's, run flawlessly and got a nice fuel curve out of them, plus really crisp. Anyways.

    Im a sucker for chemically cleaning bolts, it inhibits with rust aswell and forms phosphate on it.
    As an example, yoke straps and bolts, plus register plate hardware:



    No mechanical cleaning, just from bath after rinsing with water. Easy and good enough for me.

    Meanwhile, got the fuel sending unit, painted the tank, and installed it. The black coating on the tank is stone-chip protection, since we have, and i drive, gravel roads aswell. I bought the 3-pipe sending unit, even my car had 2-pipe unit, just in case i need return-line at some point, now i just blocked the return. Hose is Gates Barricade, not sure if best what money can buy, but atleast most expensive, and ive had good success with it in past.


    I dont actually like how the fill tube came out. Original tank had it more middle of the opening. Truthfully, i bet its easier to fill now, and theres nothing really wrong, but hey, problems at head are the hardest to cure :D


    I got aswell the original licence plates for the car, which are also period-correct from coloring. While cleaning the licence plate "base plates", found out that rear-licence plate holder even had the old licence plate "burned" to it.




    These are the period correct plates it came out of showroom at 1983. To top this off, they called from national archives, from where they dug up the original registration paper ( they are sending me copy of it), which indeed states that this car was owned by Nokia 1983-1989.

    Now im just waiting the electrician. Then im off to set the new-for-the-car 3.23 gears and TrueTrac, and rebuild brakes etc.
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  6. PGSS

    PGSS Well-Known Member

    Work is going very nice..
    Are those black cubes on the front lights for spraying them clean? I have never seen them on Buick of this era..
  7. TAG

    TAG Well-Known Member

    At the time, headlight washers were required by law here in Finland. As were some other things this car managed to pass by being corporate car. Its like an circle came to an start, once upon a time those were mandatory, then they got dropped out from law, and now they are again mandatory with Xenon headlights, go figure.

    Only "problem" is that assemblys were often hideous, and indeed, these are also drilled through front bumber.. Forming rust around the drill hole, so those are going to stay. But they work, and are good, so not that big of a problem.

    At 1983, protecting the underside of body was mandated also by the law, and thats how my father ended up protecting this very same car in 1983. And i think that is VERY cool, it was 38 years back, when dad was 20.
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  8. PGSS

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    As long as they work:D
    I worked with a man from Finland and he told me about the somewhat intense drivers license test. I remember something about backing up and doing a 180 with the parking brake??
    A bit off the cuff but getting drafted in the Army and going on a 3 day bike ride with limited water and Wasa Crisp bread/crackers.

    What was the mandated process of protecting the underside? Skid pad type brackets or heavy coating of some type?
  9. TAG

    TAG Well-Known Member

    Heavy coating, and it was up to corporate who run these companies. Cant remember the company who run it off from my mind now. There were several companies, which had their own selection of car-makers they coated.

    That parking-brake stuff is bullshit i can tell right away :D
    Army-story might been true very well. Its only 11 years when i got off the army ( here you are required to go army if male ( excemptions if you have injuries etc/ if you want to serve at civil service)), and i remember we had some pretty tedious weeks aswell. Week at dark forest at autumn "without sleep" ( just when we fall asleep there were always some alarm and we had to pack everything up and move out to new area) and minimal food, and then long march back to barracks half-asleep. Two weeks at Lapland at winter etc..
  10. PGSS

    PGSS Well-Known Member

    I think I even saw a Utube vid about getting drivers license showing the test. I will take your word thats for sure.
    My friend Jaacko probably had almost 20 years on me and he did tell me a Army stint was mandatory..

    Hey the more heavy undercoating the better;).. Just look how nice it kept your car:)
  11. TAG

    TAG Well-Known Member


    Sorting out engine bay meanwhile. Say "Hi" to my fuel hose between fuel pump and carb :eek:o_O

    Straightened its about 50" inches long, is made from two hoses with a connection at middle, and its all tucked on carefully selected assortment of different heat-resistant insulation tubes :eek:

    EDIT: Short list of notes.

    - Heater return hose is also made from 2 parts
    - Vacuum-operated heater valve at back of intake has been removed and replaced with straight pipe ( slightly questionable, not 100% did they use it anymore at that time. it closes coolant flow to heater when AC on full cold atleast on older models)
    - Homemade "craftsman" throttle and TV-cable bracketry, alongside "nice" return-spring bracket for carb
    - EVAP canister has been removed and blocked
    -Aforementioned fuel line, the hard pipe had just been cut and hose put on top of it with worm-clamp, wonder it hasnt burned down

    Sure theres more to find out, but for starters. What _a_ mess.
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  12. TAG

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    Winter vacation, here i am!

    I thought i treat myself.. Or whats a treat to anyone, but nevertheless..


    I recently sold the manual-choke Carter AFB, and after pondering my choices ( i have one Q-jet core at my disposal), i decided to hit for #80555C Holley, 650cfm Spreadbore meant as Q-jet replacement.

    Mainly two reasons. I inspected my core, and decided i dont take that trouble. Ive had refurbished SU-carbs at past, so i had some idea whats ahead with worn shafts ( even i have tools to bush those, and spare bushings) and gunked up passages.

    Second, i wanted to finally have something i can get parts locally. That carb is bough locally too. All q-jet stuff is from order to USA. Plus ive messed with almost every carb other than Holley at my life, and i want to test it aswell. So far i havent hit on any bad carburettor, from SU's to Edelbrocks and Webers, they all work when at proper tune and condition. So i want to see this aswell.

    What you like about my EGR-block offs what some previous owner has done?


    Here it sits, pretty as a pig


    Then i hit problems, and suffered brain meltdown.

    As i said earlier, it has homemade throttle-/ TV-cable bracket. Interestingly it wont work.. Also i figured out why previous Carter had spacer between carb and air cleaner. Air cleaner hits the bracket without it, and the 1" spacer under Carter from spreadbore to squarebore.

    Then it has the fuel-line removed per previous post, thats one thing. Other thing is throttle-shaft parts hitting EGR-valve casting on head. Removed also some emission/ CCC-stuff which were left lying on engine bay here and there, wires just cutted with pliers, or vacuum-hoses closed shut with screws..
    One last happy thing is i thought i weld plug to downpipe to install my AEM there to tune the carb at spring.
    Turns out, the whole exhaust is changed, AFTER downpipe. Downpipe is rusty enough that you wont weld anything there.

    So, some happy times ahead.
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  13. TAG

    TAG Well-Known Member

    Everyone knows how blasted stuff looks. Im just happy as a pig, electrician visites at morning. Here we go... already blasted stuff for almost 8 hours :D

    Sneak peak.. I love this. Paint is POR15 rust preventer, ive had good experience with this, and lays nicely even with a brush, alot less hassle.

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  14. TAG

    TAG Well-Known Member

    Brakes are done, control arms done and hanging ( loosely), waiting for the rear end. Rear is waiting a weekday while people is at work, and it doesnt snow. Blasting it at yard.. :D

    But hey. I thought to look for electric gremlins, like the power windows not working at drivers side. Tested that switch is ok, so problem is either cut wiring or blown motor. Or ALOT of gunk, but dont believe that since fuse wont blew.
    So, next step is to remove the door panel..
    Edit: Drivers door motor is shot, so i throw my bets that the other door motor is shot aswell, and order new ones.

    Whats that... Is it..



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