2015 BPG Car Show Results

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    The 2015 car show was a fantastic success thanks to those who brought a car/cars, volunteers who sacrificed hours of the day to direct traffic and run the registration tent, and to the members of the BOD who contributed to the show! Nothing but positive comments and happy faces at the end of the day. I realize that not everyone got an award, but we did our best to be completely fair and unbiased. Hopefully, that showed. The following is a list of show winners. Congratulations on your awards, and we hope to see you in the future events!

    Class A - 1903-1960 Buick
    1st Place - Scott Trogolo 1948 Roadmaster Convertible
    2nd Place - Tom Ferenez 1958 Super Coupe

    Class B - 1961-1976 Full Size Buick
    1st Place - Gary Hallock 1965 Riviera GS
    2nd Place - Ted Nagel 1965 Wildcat Coupe
    3rd Place - Alfred Linden 1973 Electra Limited

    Class C - 1961-1972 Skylark/Special
    1st Place - Kevin Champagne 1965 Special Convertible
    2nd Place - Terry Steinhelfer 1962 Skylark GSX Tribute Coupe
    3rd Place - Derrick Hall 1972 Skylark Coupe

    Class D - 1965 Gran Sport
    1st Place - Harle and Mary Cordill 1965 Gran Sport
    2nd Place - Bob Slusser 1965 Gran Sport
    3rd Place - Glenn Vinz 1965 Gran Sport

    Class E - 1966 Gran Sport/GS
    1st Place - Eldon Glatfelter 1968 GS400
    2nd Place - Gary Legree 1969 GS
    3rd Place - Chris Marsh 1968 GS400

    Class F - 1970-1972 GS/GSX
    1st Place - Greg Stancato 1972 GS Stage1
    2nd Place - Stacy Figman 1972 GS
    3rd Place - Larry Gibson 1970 GSX Saturn Yellow

    Class G - 1973+ GS/GSX
    1st Place - Jacob Martinez 1973 GS
    2nd Place - Anthony Lucci 1973 GS Stage1

    Class H - 1977-1985 Full Size
    No Entries

    Class I - 1973-1987 Regal/Century
    1st Place - Brad Conley 1975 Skyhawk
    2nd Place - Les Bari 1977 Regal
    3rd Place - Kevin Myers 1973 Regal

    Class J - 1978-1987 TType/GN/GNX
    1st Place - David Day 1987 GN
    2nd Place - Gary Hallock 1984 Regal Limited
    3rd Place - Rick Hunt 1987 TType

    Class K - 1986+ FWD
    1st Place - Alan Bauer 1997.5 Regal GS
    2nd Place - James Oerichbauer 2015 Regal GS
    3rd Place - Gary Buttari 2011 Lucerne Super

    Race Car
    1st Place - Pat Sweeney 1970 GS Stage2
    2nd Place - Steve Kessler 1986 GN
    3rd Place - Jamie Wolcott 1985 GN

    Joseph Pratt GOLD 1970 Apollo White GSX 394/400pts
    Marvin Shives GOLD 1967 GS400 4 Speed 388/400pts
    Ajesh Parikh GOLD 1970 Apollo White GSX 385/400pts
    Ron Toth GOLD 1970 GS455 Convertible 397/400pts
    Tim Garland GOLD 1970 Saturn Yellow GSX 399/400pts

    Directors Choice
    Bruce Cashley 1987 GNX
    Kyle Kranz 2012 Regal GS
    Shawn Riley 1972 Skylark
    Greg Avery 1972 GS
    Doug Hecker 1965 Gran Sport

    Best of Show
    Scott Trogolo 1948 Roadmaster Convertible
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    Thanks for posting the results Adam! It was a great show, really good (and diverse!) turnout, and overall just one of the more jovial and fun-loving car show crowds I've seen in a long time. Everyone was having a blast. Can't wait till next time!

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