455 giving me problems!Any ideas?

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  1. 66sky

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    I have a 1966 skylark. Pulled old motor replaced with 455. Carb has been rebuilt,ran fine maybe put 200/300 miles on the car. Did not drive it much and last time I did drove it when I floored it it was fine till I let off and it started dying.Finally it would die and wouldn't start till it set awhile. Took line off from fuel pump to carb a its pumping alot of gas( only thing ive checked)Can anyone give me a few suggestions? I have not checked anything yet but hope so soon. Thanks for any info!
  2. LARRY70GS

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    Very difficult to try and diagnose the problem with very little information. All you need to do to verify that there is fuel in the carburetor is briskly open the throttle while looking down the front 2 barrels of the carburetor. You should see 2 streams of fuel emanating from the accelerator pumps. If you do, you have plenty of fuel in the carburetor. Do you see or smell excess fuel leaking outside the carburetor. Take the distributor cap off and crank the engine. You should see the rotor turning smoothly. If it tuns herky jerky, you may have distributor/cam gear/timing chain issues.
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    Check the secondary throttle plate, make sure it not stuck in the open position. They sometimes it hangs open just a bit and the engine will run bad.
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  4. 66sky

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    I will look at all mentioned! I did not see or smell any excess gas. Just odd starts stalling out and try pumping pedal and it just dies.leave it set awhile then it starts again.
  5. sean Buick 76

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    to me that sounds like the float is sticking and it’s flooding out and then starting later.
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