66 Electra 225

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    OK V8 Buick People: Perhaps the seller has no insurance on it and that's why no test drive. Perhaps it's got a mechanical problem that would discourage a safe test drive. That's not a prospect's problem because he just needs to look elsewhere.

    These things are money pits. LOOK.....DRIVE...... get it WAAAAAAY up in the air. Hey for $500 you can overlook quite a few things but at market price (I think around $2,500-$3,000 no drive, no buy. Mitch
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    I stopped by the car today and spoke with the owner's daughter. Her father has owned the car for at least 10 years, but he's not the original owner. It was one of those "projects" that never started so he finally decided to sell the car. The car runs, but the "no test drive" notice is due to tire kickers taking it for a drive and staying away for hours. If you want more info, give Melissa a call at five zero nine five four four zero three two five.
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  3. Nailhead in a 1967

    Nailhead in a 1967 Kell-Mnown Wember

    Any new pics, engine or inside the trunk?
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    I'll stop by tomorrow, shoot some more pics and post...
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    Here are more pics and a video of the engine running. Headlights work, but I couldn't test the turn signals... it's missing the steering wheel stalk! This is why there are no test rides because one of the tire kickers stole the stalk during a ride... 66 Electra 225 (1).jpeg 66 Electra 225 (2).jpeg 66 Electra 225 (3).jpeg 66 Electra 225 (4).jpeg 66 Electra 225 (5).jpeg 66 Electra 225 (6).jpeg 66 Electra 225 (7).jpeg 66 Electra 225 (8).jpeg 66 Electra 225 (9).jpeg 66 Electra 225 (10).jpeg 66 Electra 225 (11).jpeg 66 Electra 225 (12).jpeg
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  7. OldDrummer55

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    Guess I can't upload a .mov file, but the engine does run.
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    Geez I wish that thing was local to me, I've got most of what it needs to finish it up. Never seen one with the Custom interior and crank windows though. But hey, it has A/C and that's a big check mark on my list. This thing ticks most of the boxes, I wonder if it has a power seat but it doesn't look like it and that would make the ride home a little uncomfortable...but...there's that border thing and exchange and taxes...
    A good ballpark for a car like that with that many interior issues is going to be about $4-5K max, and that's provided it isn't rotten underneath. That fender rust just indicates that there's been some work under that newish paint. I don't know how Washington state is for salty or rusty cars, and those Electras were rusters, lots of exposed flat sheet metal.
    I suppose it would make for a good YouTube video to just get it ready and drive it the 600 or so miles to here.

    Hmmmm.....I wonder....o_O
    ....No, no, and no! :(
  9. OldDrummer55

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    Yes, the bench seat is manual. I thought the center dash vent was kind of interesting. Also, the trunk floor was in very good shape.

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