68 Riviera Project!

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    5 years ago I was approached by an older woman to look at some cars. I own a newer car repair shop. She was a customer and explained her husband had passed away recently and had collected a few cars throughout his life.
    My initial question ❓ was what are they? What condition are they in? She explained that he pretty much bought them in the 60s and 70s and just collected them. He had ... a 41 Ford, 68 Riviera, 70 Corvette stingray, 75 Lincoln towncar.
    None of them had been moved since the early 80s.
    This is just a interesting story I wanted to share and how far I've come with it. Initially I said "NOT INTERESTED" I had spent some time trying to restore a very rusted 85 Monte Carlo some years back (20). I pretty much learned, that to have a true restored show car (and no need to judge my opinion) it takes about 250,000.00. On my planet a mint car 50 years old is either bought no less than 100k or 250k to get it there. Needless to say, I sold the rusted Monte Carlo and pretty much vowed to not do it again unless I was much more financially committed.
    This is only my second attempt. I bought the 68 Riviera for 3k, and the 75 Towncar for 1k. All of the cars were unbelievably complete and original. I immediately got the Lincoln running and sold it for 4,000. Pretty much covering the cost of the Riviera. I would of kept it but money to restore/repaint the Lincoln wasn't in my future. The Riviera however was so unique, I just had to entertain one more attempt at restoration. This all took place in November of 2018. It took 2 years to strip, mark, tag all the trim from the car. Another year to get my body man buddy to actually strip the car to bare metal and make any dings perfect. Than another 2 years to actually get it to a good paint shop A&L autobody in Illinois.
    So I'm attaching all the photos so far from start to not finished just yet. Got the car back September 5th. Sent the bumpers, door handles, hood strip and fender chrome to be refinished September 6th. Should be back in another week or two. I will be asking for help for any parts I might need, but I'm 99% complete parts wise, so hopefully it will not take miracles. Let me know when everyone thinks so far! Good comments appreciated, criticism sure ;) 20181227_155154.jpg IMG_20230826_102046.jpg IMG_20230828_084610.jpg 20190107_110127.jpg IMG_5954.jpg 20181228_154634.jpg IMG_20230826_102140.jpg IMG_20230828_084603.jpg IMG_20230907_094741158.jpg IMG955991.jpg 20181227_155154.jpg 20190107_110135.jpg IMG_5953.jpg 20190107_110127.jpg
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    5 years ago and you are just now reaching out to the Buick community, (specifically, a well known community of experts)?

    Pardon the cynical eye cast upon your post.

    But the community is not lean on liars, fakers, scammers and takers.

    We first, protect our own, and second,protect the brand.

    Tagged, and watching...
  3. Nailhead in a 1967

    Nailhead in a 1967 Kell-Mnown Wember

    A 1985 Monte Carlo, that would cost you $250,000 to restore, back in 2003?
  4. DaWildcat

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    Wow, talk about long term projects! Good seeing bare metal, best way to start. Is there a reason the filler was put over bare metal? Since the late '80's, epoxy primer has been step number one, fill #2.

  5. Briz

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    This is my Riv as purchased in 2010 for 2500$ 60K miles all bone stock. Bottom pic is the same car today after around 50K +/- and years or work in the spare time. I have most if not all of any parts you might need. Join the ROA
    . 0227101830a.jpg KIMG0062.JPG
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    Welcome! Thanks for sharing - looks like a great project!
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    Many of us would settle for a real nice driver, well short of total restoration/show car. Personally more fun and less expensive.
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    Yikes…tough crowd tonight….
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  9. TrunkMonkey

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    Rather than delete my post and give any appearance of trying to "cover myself", when I first read the post, it appeared to me as some "scams" I have seen, where someone has "created a story" with "borrowed" images, and then people contacting the poster and over time, confidence is built, followed by scams of various types.

    I found that the OP had made another post nearly 5 years ago about the Riviera, and that is enough to cause me to believe I was out of line in, and for that and my post, I apologize.

    The OP has no obligation to reply, give account or any reply to me.
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