69 riv sway bar size - front?

Discussion in 'The whoa and the sway.' started by RivVer, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. RivVer

    RivVer Active Member

    I want to get new bushings for the front swaybar but they make a 15/16 one or 1 inch. Looks like less than an inch, but does anyone know for sure ?, thanks - also should I get the one with the lube fitting.
  2. nailheadina67

    nailheadina67 Official Nailheader

    I thought my original was 7/8"..........I ordered a new thicker one (1"?) from a company called Addco, but forgot the part number. Made a huge difference in cornering. I had to add 1/4" shims under the mounts so it would clear the oil pan. Also, measure the distance between yours and give it to them to check before sending it.........mine had to be sent back once.

    They also sell a kit for the rear, but I passed on that one. NAPA sells that brand, but good luck finding a parts guy from there who wants to be bothered to find one that isn't listed on a computer screen.

    Addco has a web page, but I can dig up my receipt for their phone number if you need me to.

  3. RivVer

    RivVer Active Member

    Yes, thankyou. I measured mine and it is a hair over 13/16, so I'll go with the 7/8. Much appreciate the response.
  4. BuickLoyalist

    BuickLoyalist Well-Known Member

    The factory front sway bar on a '69 Riviera is 25/32. You won't find this diameter anywhere. Using the least common
    dianominator, the closest size you'll come up is 13/16.

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