71 Gs 350 beater

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  1. Note 1970

    Note 1970 All about the Buick’s.

    8C62535B-BA01-4FD5-B7C3-785667668F4A.jpeg 6BD23343-D1CB-41BE-9E7C-14C41837255E.jpeg E22127CA-6A31-44CD-926A-0804892C3C8B.jpeg B00AD270-D65E-4F99-A7A1-F18F726D62E6.jpeg 173D9DC9-5B24-4E37-8808-380D2FBFC23C.jpeg 10926886-8995-4F3C-A62B-10BF3608EE68.jpeg 1971 gs 350 Auto trans, column shift, a/c car ( missing compressor ). I bought this car early this year from the original owners family. Story I was told it was his daily driver from 1971 till his death in dec of 2022. The only car he had in that time period. Bought it from his brother. Was in Chattanooga TN it’s entire life. Since I bought it I’ve done several maintenance repairs. Rebuilt the front end , added disc brakes replaced the steering box and p/s pump and pressure hose. Front and rear shocks. Car starts runs and drives. Factory n-25 car. Tips gone. Have taken to several local cruise ins and small shows. Had the car at the Buick nationals this past year. Road worthy but not for a cross country trip. Yes it has rust,dents and what’s left of the original paint. Floors are good. Trunk is scaled Frame is good. Regular rust in the lower fenders , behind the rear wheels and some around the rear window was an original black vinyl top. Yes it leaks a little but has 40 psi oil pressure on cold start and around 7 psi when hot. May put a booster plate on the oil pump. Car originally came with 14 inch wheels with hubcaps. I have 2 options on the wheels. 15 inch steel with dog dish or 15 inch Buick rally’s both sets are older dates on the tires. It’s a cool project gets a lot of attention every time I take it out. Pictures show bucket seats. Have the original bench with arm rest. Bucket can go with the car for additional money. 8500$ for car with your choice of wheels and the bench 9000$ with the buckets. This car is for sale not no sale please keep any negative comments to your self. I’ve got another unexpected project and trying to thin the herd. 6156316378. Posting on here before listing local.
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  2. 78Regal350

    78Regal350 Well-Known Member

    Man… that thing looks perfect! I sure wish I had an extra $8500 sitting around. GLWS
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  3. thebuick

    thebuick Well-Known Member

    Hi where is the car located? any inner trunk pics and rear quarter rot pics. Does the motor drip oil?
  4. Note 1970

    Note 1970 All about the Buick’s.

    Car is in middle Tennessee. Will try to post more pictures later. Motor drips a little. Fixed a couple leaks More I drive it the better it seems to run. It’s never going to be a show car but it took 50 years to look like this. Lol
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  5. Note 1970

    Note 1970 All about the Buick’s.

    F760BC85-B0D5-4238-9A35-246B2F4CA82C.jpeg 982F890E-E9A8-4AD3-B5EC-F0FFED18B1CC.jpeg 2BAB1E2D-AABE-4E57-997E-4F1A91E4F0C4.jpeg 4B3576C3-5D17-42EB-8C9A-6D84728DCFC8.jpeg 7A863902-1EF3-4A62-8231-B302204496D9.jpeg 36F30F15-96B0-4CE4-9761-D2BAA7FA9307.jpeg 27DA5476-AB96-4C28-B6E5-7C9C89C123F1.jpeg BF16FD26-4583-4263-89CA-16FD4467D400.jpeg F7FA6E0C-632E-41AE-90C7-188ECBD18879.jpeg AC9FBD53-08C3-4CD2-AF51-2F2CEEF243C4.jpeg More pictures. 3.08 posi rear sway bar and f41 frame braces, New shocks, disc brakes and big sway bar. Pictures of the floor pans. One small place in the drivers pan. Dings dents, some rust and what’s left of the original paint.
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  6. slamjob

    slamjob Well-Known Member

    Decent buy for a driver.
  7. 70X258

    70X258 Well-Known Member

    Any original paperwork with the car, What town in Tennessee ? I'm in SE Pennsylvania .Thanks
  8. Note 1970

    Note 1970 All about the Buick’s.

    I have the original ibm punch card. I’m located in Murfreesboro tn. About 30 miles east of Nashville
  9. Note 1970

    Note 1970 All about the Buick’s.

    Punch card and original spare in the trunk

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  10. 455'ed80Regal

    455'ed80Regal Well-Known Member

    Car is in great shape for a 50 year old daily driver. If I didn't already have a Skylark I'd be all over that car. GLWS
  11. Note 1970

    Note 1970 All about the Buick’s.

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  12. 3clicks

    3clicks Well-Known Member

    Thank goodness. It was testing my will power. I'd even checked on shipping to California last week...

    ...and congrats @Note 1970 . Cool car for someone at a reasonable price.
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  13. Note 1970

    Note 1970 All about the Buick’s.

    Staying in the buick family. I’ll let the new owner reveal if they want to.
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  14. V6sleeper

    V6sleeper Well-Known Member

    :( Damm i have to check this section more often

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