'72 GS 464 vs '69 SuperBee 440

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  1. Bogus919

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    So a couple weeks back I took my Buick out with it's new engine for the very first run ever... I'm still playing with the car getting it all lined out. Anyway, I do some hard pulls on it to get everything seated that morning and I'm just cruising around later that day and my neighbor passes me going the opposite direction.... he quickly does a U-turn and ends up behind me at a light (turning left). He's not seen me out all winter so I'm sure he's wonder what was going on with my car.... we don't talk much but from what I understand his Super-Bee was originally a 440-6 but he swapped it out for the 4 barrel for convenience. He' said it's mostly stock but I'd probably tell somebody the same thing about my car if I knew there was a chance we could race lol.

    Anyway, we make the turn and I hear him get on it and so of course I chase... he walks me the entire way up to about 1/8th of a mile and I let up. It was pretty exciting, I've never seen him get on it before.. he's always been a cruiser. He and I get home about the same time and I visit his garage and we have a beer and talk about cars... he's a cool guy, retired cop..... busy with the kids and grand-kids.

    So that very next day I'm talking to a couple of you guys on the forum about my car only hitting 4k rpm and I discover that my transmission kickdown isn't even hooked up! I fix it and take the car out and it's a completely different animal now.

    So now I'm prowling.... waiting to catch him out again LOL. Here's a pic for your enjoyment, it's a beautiful car.

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  2. gs66

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    The Bee is a 68 (at least the front fenders are) so not a factory 6 pack M code car. Has a 69 stripe and side scoops. Still a cool car for you to play with. Sounds like you’ve got him next time out, enjoy!
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  3. Bogus919

    Bogus919 Silver Level contributor

    Interesting ... sounds like he took what he liked from two years and combined them.
  4. gs66

    gs66 Silver Level contributor

    Next time you’re over there for a beverage peek at the VIN!
  5. Bogus919

    Bogus919 Silver Level contributor

    Haha… I know he’s had some front end work from a wreck… I’d be willing to bet it’s a 69 with 68 fenders…Anyway, wasn’t the 68 a post car?
  6. hugger

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    Couldn't make his mind up on the wheels either looks like
  7. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut

    lol yup, and the rake is a little much. Cool car though
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  8. FirstBuickNut

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    I know you could either in '69 but am not positive about '68 as '68 was the first year for the Super Bee. I usually go to my Mopar encyclopedia, my brother but he recently passed away and I don't know Mopars like he does. I'll have to ask Mark Worman.

    Quite a few differences actually, 69 are more desirable but I would love to get a 68, the tail lights are very cool.
    68 have round side markers instead of rectangle. 1/4 stripe are two stripes instead of one solid with 1/4 stripe on both sides. No ramcharger in 68 but the standard super bee hood are the same. Grille are different. Seats are low back and later 69 you could get head rest. No 1/4 scoops or “wind catchers” in 68 as well. I always wanted a silver 68 with red stripes. The prices are pretty much the same unless you get a fully loaded 69 super bee
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  9. Bogus919

    Bogus919 Silver Level contributor

    Yea, he showed me the other set in his garage, apparently that's his backup set on the rear. He had a bubble the size of a silver dollar on the sidewall of one... looks like he had some belt separation.

    I don't care for the rake either, he's a pretty short dude so possibly it helps him see over the hood? lol
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