alm. pullys not lining up

Discussion in 'TA Performance' started by a carpenter, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. a carpenter

    a carpenter a carpenter

    I have purched your alm. pullys "crank and water pump" thay are not lining up with alt. and power steering. why?
  2. staged70

    staged70 RIP

    What engine. On a 455 there are 2 kinds of pulley sets. 70 and 71-72.
  3. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    We have two different water pump pulleys for a long body and short body water pump. Without knowing more information, it could be that you got the wrong one for your car and thus they dont line up. Your best bet would be to call us and talk to someone who can pull up your order and work it through with you.
  4. wunquik86'

    wunquik86' Well-Known Member

    Mike, I had the same problem a couple months back. I couldn't find my water pump pulley so I ordered an Alum one from you folks. I ordered the pulley for a long neck pump. I ask the sales guy I spoke with there at TA how to measure the pump to determine which pump I had. It was like 4 1/4 inches thick. A short pump is 3+. It would not line up. I drilled 4 fender washers center hole and outer edge to get it to work. Are you saying there are 2 pulleys for the long neck and 2 for the short? Or am I not reading correctly? The problem I had was the pulley sat too far back and rubbed the power steering belt. The 4 washers added about 5/16 in. behind the pulley.
  5. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    The deep pulley won't even go all the way down to the flange before hitting the short 67-70 water pump body I'm pretty sure
  6. dale buchanan

    dale buchanan Active Member

    i had problems with pulleys and finally fixed, my 455 uses 72 skylark 350 power steering brackets,march performance alum power steering pulley {had to machine .060 off nose to allow pump threads to show more threads}, ta alum alt bracket, march perf alum double alt pulley, ta short water pump alum pulley and ta alum crank pulley, everything lines up perfect and the pulleys all looks like a set

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