Always runs best just before it blows up.

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    Factory mounts from Ford.
    I had an O-ring on the oil cooler blowout on my earlier 7.3 on startup.
    It was a fun job outside in -15 degree weather in the driveway, made a big mess.
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    Well if you were in the northeast snowbelt region I'd suggest swapping the oil pan while its apart that far, but something tells me yours is probably ok!
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    Just came from Ford. Obsolete. No stock
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    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    What year and model F250? I'll check here locally
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    Stopped by the shop yesterday. Heads came back rebuilt and purtty as a picture. Man them jokers are heavy! I'd have to use a engine hoist to put hem on the block if I was working alone. Mechanic said the cups were bad and leaking and he was 100% sure thats where mu oil was going as well as the oil getting into the fuel. He hoped to have it together and fired up later today and have it all buttoned up and done by weds.

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