Another basket case 70 Stage1 convertible

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Smartin, Nov 28, 2023.

  1. Smartin

    Smartin Staff Member

    The longer you wait, George, the further down the list you are
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  2. Mike Sobotka

    Mike Sobotka Founders Club Member

    Talks cheap.........
  3. Matt Knutson

    Matt Knutson Well-Known Member

    Might the super top secret car be a stepchild?
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  4. Smartin

    Smartin Staff Member

    I can neither confirm or deny. Come to MCACN and see it:D
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  5. Smartin

    Smartin Staff Member

    Pecking away…started the instrument cluster assembly. Of course had to paint the little black frames around the woodgrain to make the aftermarket piece correct. Waiting for the correct wadja woodgrain from Todd to finish the job and install into the car.

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  6. Smartin

    Smartin Staff Member

    Forgot…added a few trinkets to the front of the engine.

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  7. J. Jaeger

    J. Jaeger Well-Known Member

    **Ohhh., Happy Days are Here Again, Happy Happy are Here Again..**
    I'm Thinking of Adopting Adam,.. and Simon,..Of Course..!!! Yes of Course Atena is Welcome Too...!!!
    Jim Jaeger
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