AZ yard loaded with Buicks

Discussion in 'Junkyard Jewels' started by custom, May 22, 2005.

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    The phone number listed For Buick Parts Specialist is Speedway automotives phone number here in Phoenix. They probably use that other name for their Ebay parts sales. A lot of us here on the Board know about Speedway. From my personal experiances with them,not good. The only thing I found worse then their prices was their attitude.
  3. Mike Trom

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    What you call Junk in AZ is gold here in the rust belt........ Hard to believe how good the bodies are on those "Scrap" cars.....
  4. Dale

    Dale Sweepspear

    No kidding!

    Exactly the same reaction I have everytime I see junkyard photos from the southwest.
  5. nailheadina67

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    Me too....they would prolly have crushed what I started with. :ball:
  6. markc

    markc '68 GS Convertible

    I have given up searching for usable parts up here. I understand that rust free body parts are going to be at a premium and I will have to pay if I want to play.

    I did call them about an engine/transmission and they quoted me $1500 shipped to my door. A little much if you ask me
  7. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    You need to post your wanted parts here. Items can be found for reasonable prices but you need to be patient. Sometimes, you can find deals on Ebay.
  8. newmexguy

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    Any current news on Speedway Automotive? They still have an address and phone number listed.
    2845 W. Broadway Phoenix AZ 85041.
  9. 72STAGE1

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    They have about 40 1968-69 parts cars and Sportwagon, Reatas stuff, had 2 1972 Complete sun baked GS, won’t part any of those but little use-able anyway, tons of bumper cores for 1971-72 wanted $250 each, no N25. Had. 1971 hood that was really beat up and junky wanted $1800, So but nothing else and prices are gold, kidney etc.
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  10. newmexguy

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    Interesting. Reatta parts?!? That's a very niche specialty. One could die on the vine, doing that.
    The top picture appears to be Speedway Motors, the chain aftermarket parts store. Am guessing second picture is an old one of a previous Broadway Blvd. Phoenix Speedway Automotive location. The third am guessing you took in '08 of what they had then.
  11. newmexguy

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    Hey, just wished to say thanks for posting a reply.
    Speedway Motors was founded in 1952 in Lincoln, NE. It appears to be a Different outfit than the Guy on Broadway in Phoenix. He's Speedway Automotive, apparently. Reatta Guy.
    Speedway Motors opened a Distribution Warehouse in Tolleson, AZ last year, according to their website. Speedway Motors is more akin to "Jegs" or "Summit". Selling aftermarket parts.

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