Back with another Buick GS 455 - with many TA goodies

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by skylarkcruiser, Feb 9, 2023.

  1. skylarkcruiser

    skylarkcruiser black forest buick

    Hi all,
    it´s been a while since I joint you here on the board - las post was 2015, I just learned.
    Things had changed, cars had changed.
    I was nad still be, on the hot rod side for a long time, latest two Flathead Fords are in my Garage (see picture)
    But, something was missing...
    I missesd that bad ass big block monster, I traded against 1929 Ford Model a with a blower, which was an eyecather, but not as driveable as the GS was.
    Than it happened, I sold my 1957 Chevy 210 and found again a 1972 (my year of birth) Buick GS 455.
    More crazy, the car is also one of the very, very few anoes which were Swiss Cars, as the plaque proofes on the inner front fender -GM DIVISION BIENNE CH- but that was not the greatest, the car has a complete rebuild big block 1238861 with all the TA PERFORMANCE goodies, I was not able to afford for my first Buick.
    I got all the bills an photos of the engine build. It still has the iron heads, but ported and with the big TA valves,
    roller rockers, the TA413, the TA forged pistons and rods, the high volume oil pump, the TA timing cover and so on. The pre-owner also gave it Hooker headers and Flowmaster exhaust with H-pipe.
    The car was in a collection of an Harley dealer in the Netherlands ..sitting and waiting..for me, I guess.
    My both sons and I drove the 1200 KM to bring the car home and took the alloy rims from it and take steelies on it. Some more cosmetic and electric hours later, it is the car we like.
    So, great to be back here :)
    - missed you guys!

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  2. hwprouty

    hwprouty Platinum Level Contributor

    Well welcome back!! Nice rides!!
  3. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Awesome & congratulations! Car looks like a beauty. Welcome back. More pictures!
  4. skylarkcruiser

    skylarkcruiser black forest buick

    Thank you, buddys!
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  5. FLGS400

    FLGS400 Gold Level Contributor

    Nice, Welcome back!
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  6. kiwidave

    kiwidave Well-Known Member

    howdy from Australia. Nice garage!! The GS is a beauty
  7. 12lives

    12lives Control the controllable, let the rest go

    Sweet rides!
  8. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut

  9. rolliew

    rolliew Well-Known Member

    Not sure what you just said...
    but I like it :D
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  10. gsjo

    gsjo Platinum Level Contributor

    Nice to see you back , the car looks great.Now blow the rubber off the rims!
  11. mltdwn12

    mltdwn12 Founders Club Member

    Welcome back!
  12. accelr8

    accelr8 Well-Known Member

    Welcome back! The Fords look cool. And I love the color of the GS. :D

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