Correct factory 4 speed shifter boot and ring for 66 GS

Discussion in 'U-shift em' started by GS Spoken Here, Jan 7, 2022.

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    Is this the correct from the factory shifter boot for a 66 GS 4 speed without a console? The shifter, ball and ring are as far as I know correct. Is the boot correct, or should it be more like the one Fusick sells with the boot over lapping the ring. The problem is that one is not for a round original shifter. DSC05314.JPG
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    Hi Bill! what you show looks like the Buick 'with console' lower boot and retaining ring. It's the same pn as the repo Chevelle pieces. It works fine and looks decent.
    Pn for the 66 'no console' boot is 384431 (on left), shown below.
    The correct 'without console' boot is similar to the one Fusick sells but is smaller.
    Here's the 66 boot next to the repo Fusick:


    Sizewise, the boot you showed (66 lower boot or Chev repo boot. on right) is closer in size to the 66 'no console boot' (left):

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    Walt, thanks for the pictures, I was looking for these but had not found them. I looked in the assembly manual and determined what the pictures show. It appears no one makes the correct non console smaller boot with a round hole. I have a used smaller one with a rectangle hole, came off my 67 GS 400 conv, they put a Hurst on it. Not sure how a rectangle hole one will look on a round handle.

    The non-console original boot you show, was it used in 65,6 and 7? I think all GS cars 3/4 speed floor shift use a round shifter handle.

    I am thinking the ring is the same for all 3 years, but was thinking the 68/72 ring was different. After comparing the rings they appear to be all the same.

    Thanks for the info.
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  4. wkillgs

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    Looking in my parts book (1940-72), it's in group 4.015 Seal-Retainer, Transmission control.
    less consolette:
    Seal (boot) 384431 is listed for 65-67.
    Retainer is 3903962 (avail as a Chevelle repo)

    With console 65-7, the lower floor seal is 3842926. Also used in Chevelles and is repo'd.
    Retainer in the book is 1361012 (1965-72), but the 3903962 (less console) fits and is sold as a match to the Chevelle boot.

    4 Speed Conversions has a good selection of shifter and linkage parts. They have some of the boots:

    Mark A. once posted a pic of his 65 GS boot. We think this was later superceeded in the parts books with the 66-7 version.
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    Walt, thanks I had not seen that web sight.
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  7. wkillgs

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    That looks like a replacement boot and ring.
    The retaining ring shouldn't be visible with the correct boot. The original boot is larger and the ring is covered.
    This is just an example of using what is available. I don't blame them for using it, it's all we got!

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