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Discussion in 'Interior City' started by eagleguy, Sep 7, 2022.

  1. eagleguy

    eagleguy 1971 Skylark Custom

    For a replacement dash pad Do you guys prefer urethane, fiberglass or a metal backed pad?

    There is a company called Hightechclassics.com that seems to make a nice one but it would need to be painted as its black.
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  2. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron 474 IRON HEAD STAGE 2

    Just search around for a good factory original dash pad. don’t waste your time on aftermarket dash pads.
  3. Dr. Roger

    Dr. Roger Stock enthusiast

    Color doesn't matter as you can paint them (using a fabric/vinyl paint). I've used original green ones and blue ones and painted them black. Of course, if you are going to paint it to match a different interior color, some of the folks here can probably help with the correct paint to match your interior color.

  4. eagleguy

    eagleguy 1971 Skylark Custom

    I was able to get SEM paint for the interior that was custom color blended. Old dash's seem to be hard to find that don't have one issue or another that would effect appearance or mounting and I have been looking for some time.
  5. eagleguy

    eagleguy 1971 Skylark Custom

    Hey guys. A company that sells dash pads which are vinyl shrink wrapped just told me that they do not recommend painting a black vinyl dash pad they sell. I thought all dash pads could be painted using the correct paint. What is different with vinyl??
  6. Stage 2 iron

    Stage 2 iron 474 IRON HEAD STAGE 2

    Good luck in your endeavor.
  7. Duane

    Duane Member

    Different materials either will or will not work well with paint.

    I don’t know what materials they are making the new dash pads from, but when they first came out with reproduction dash pads for the Camaros and Chevelle’s they were made of urethane.

    I know people that tried to paint them and it never worked. It was like trying to paint a tire.

    When I was in the upholstery business I had the best luck with re-painting original dash pads.

    You can certainly do what you want, but if it was my car I would find an original and dye/paint it.

    As a matter of fact, that is what is on three of my cars, and will be on the fourth when it is done.
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