Detroit Concours d’elegance 2022

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  1. Duane

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    Both Brad and I have been invited and accepted to bring our cars to this event. The event will be held on September 16-18, with the Concours show taking place on Sunday the 18th.

    Brad will be taking his 70 GSX Show Car and I will be taking the 69 Motion Equipped GS. This will be the second Concours show the 69 has been invited to and it will be the first for Brad.

    They will be having 15 classes, with 8 cars per class. We will be in the “Limited Production GM (50’s & 60’s) class, which is for Prototypes, Design Study cars, and cars of Special Interest. Having at least 2 Buicks out of a class of 8 cars is really incredible.

    Being asked to attend one of these shows is a big thing. I attribute this to the uniqueness of these vehicles and to the high quality they were restored to by Nick Servo, for my car, and Dave Kleiner, for Brad’s car.

    Beyond the Concours show, they will be displaying the cars of Harley Earl, who brought us the Buick “Y” job, the 1951 Le Sabre show car and others. There will be other display cars as well.

    Just wanted to let you guys know about the show. Hopefully we will see some of you on Sunday.

    If someone could post a link to this event I would appreciate it.
  2. 73 Stage-1

    73 Stage-1 Dave

  3. Redmanf1

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    It is a great show. It has been three years since I was there. Congrats to Duane and Brad....

  4. Smartin

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  5. docgsx

    docgsx It's not a GTX

    I’ve been there a couple of times, great, great show!
  6. gsx455-4ever

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    CONGRATS !! To both you and Brad , Duane . You'll both do Great !
  7. DaWildcat

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    Can't imagine better Buick representation. Kudos.

  8. Duane

    Duane Member

    We hope to do our brand proud.
  9. Brett Slater

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    I have no doubt.

    Congrats, fellas. That's quite an honor. Take lots of pictures.
  10. philip roitman

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    Congrats to both of you. Was at the Concours d America in 2018 when it was at The Inn at St John's. Hagerty bought the event recently and moved it to Detroit this year and renamed it The Detroit Concours. This is the first year it is in Detroit. Have a great time. It is always an honor to be invited to a Concours. Was at the Greenbrier Concours this year with the Yellow 73 Stage1 Sun Coupe and the Stage1 4 speed two years before that where it won a Springhouse Award. I have another Concours event I was invited to coming up after Detroit with the 4 Speed, will post about that when the time comes.
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  11. FLGS400

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    That's awesome, congrats to you both!
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    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    Philip I remember that:) we were there with the loud 67 GS:D. That was a fun start to a bad year....
    Brad and Duane have a great time as I'm sure you will do well representing the Group. At least you can educate people while you are there;):D
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  13. gsconv

    gsconv BPG# 1603

    3 cars coming from the Bulgari collection.
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  14. gsx455-4ever

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    YES !!! There are some Beautiful Cars there . All makes and models . That is an Impressive shop and collection !
  15. SP4SPD

    SP4SPD Slideways in the streets!

    Got a chance to see the "67 GS" , Carl Rychik and Phils cars at the 2018 Concourse. Too bad it isnt at the St Johns Inn anymore...Detroit should be interesting!
    IMG_0356.JPG IMG_0358.JPG IMG_0365.JPG
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  16. docgsx

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    JESUPERCAT No Slow Boat

    St. John's Inn was nice buuuttt expensive :eek: until we went to Amelia Island for their Concours show....:eek::eek: great times at both though:D
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  18. Roberta

    Roberta Buick Berta

    The 1938 Buick Y-job will also be there, and if you are a Hagerty Drivers Club member you can get discounted tickets by becoming a member,a Hagerty Drivers Club® member, enjoy 20% off all tickets. Use promo code HDC20 at checkout.*
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  19. Redmanf1

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    This is from 2019.

    IMG_20190728_103532520.jpg IMG_20190728_104407693.jpg IMG_20190728_105200862.jpg IMG_20190728_112144245.jpg IMG_20190728_113100459.jpg IMG_20190728_114048707.jpg IMG_20190728_114754715.jpg IMG_20190728_133512594.jpg IMG_20190728_141601236.jpg IMG_20190728_141605411.jpg
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  20. Bill's Auto Works

    Bill's Auto Works QUALITY AT ITS BEST!

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