First Carb overhaul using Hygrade kit(2 jet)

Discussion in 'Other' started by we287gn, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. we287gn

    we287gn Well-Known Member

    So far it seems to be going smoothly. Two things that are bothering me so far. The square opening in the gasket for needle valve sheild didnt fit quite right, had to trim it..
    Also I had to adjust the float quite a bit ..I am guessing it was the change in needle and seat styles...

    This is my first attempt ever at a carb rebiuld...Hope it goes ok...Still have the linkage and choke stuff to put on...
  2. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    Chris, was the new needle/seat different than the one you pulled out? They should match up. You shouldn't have to make big adjustments to float level usually. Make sure you are setting the level based on the instructions. they should tell you the two points to measure.

    Good for you for digging in to it. Hope it all works out good.
  3. we287gn

    we287gn Well-Known Member

    Thanks..the needle/seat was a different set up.The one I pulled out was all metal and pointed..The new one from the kit had a flat rubber tip..

    I would guess the closed adjustment was off by about 1/8 and maybe the same for open... I could be way off on this, I just started adjusting, forgot where the startintg points were..I can say that i shortened it up in each posistion.This was using the instruction and chart for the year and float style, using the seam of the float and bottom of airhorn including gasket...
  4. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    Ok, good. I think as long as the needle/seat are same length you should be fine. The rubber tip will seal the new one.

    Let us know how it runs when you are done.
  5. we287gn

    we287gn Well-Known Member

    Will do...I may tinker today, can only play so much ..I am still waiting to finish off the coolong system...Have some broken water pump bolts in the timing cover, a radiator and a water pump to get yet..
    I may give it just a sniff of gas. Need to brush up on my Buick 350 ignition timing..Need to drop in that new used dist ..Thank you very much..
  6. we287gn

    we287gn Well-Known Member

    Had no luck today..Something up with the ignition..But with all my cranking, I managed to pull enough fuel up into the carb.

    I gave a pump or two just too see if there was fuel ..I did get two even squirts out of each side...
    I'd say it reminded me of a water gun squirt...Should it have been a spray or am I thinking to much of what I have seen in a TBI?

  7. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    Sounds like it is all good so far. The accelerator pump in that will squirt two good streams when the pedal is first pushed.
  8. we287gn

    we287gn Well-Known Member

    Well I finally got a chance to run the engine today..After a battle with learning about the ignition and working with parts I thought were good but were not. A new coil got me up and running to finally see how I did with the carb..

    Well still some loose ends....For some reason I lost the squirt on one side..But it held idle fine ...Until I finish up collecting all of my cooling system I wont be able to fine tune and see if its all good..
    Couldnt run it long enough to play with it...

    Thanks Mark, the line and distributor brought some life back to this old 350.

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