Front/Rear Shoulder belts Upgrade

Discussion in 'Interior City' started by corkgs, Nov 21, 2022.

  1. corkgs

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    I want to upgrade the seatbelts in my 72 Skylark I want to take the Grandkids on more trips and I would like more modern style seat belts , any suggestions
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    I installed a set of Morris Classic 3 points in my El Camino at the request of my teenager. High quality kit and they work very well. It said 4 weeks to delivery, but hey showed up in less than a week. I thought the color was a little "modern" for muscle car black, but the kit came with everything needed and was easy to install. A friend liked what I did and installed a 3 point set from Morris Classics in the front and rear of his Cutlass.
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    If you have shoulder belts the newer belts are not really any better. If yours are rotted would be a different case. There was a rare option for rear shoulder belts.
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    X2 on Morris
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