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Discussion in 'Forum Operation Technical Support' started by Waterboy, Nov 7, 2022.

  1. Waterboy

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    Hey guys, this is John Carroll, a.k.a. Waterboy. I’ve been in contact with Richard, a.k.a. Freakazoid. Somehow he got frozen out of his account. I sent a PM to JW and he told me that he sent a new password to Richard through his email. Richard called me last night and told me he still hadn’t heard from anyone. Richard thinks he might have four or five different emails, and he doesn’t know which one the V8 forum has on record. So I am sending you a picture of the message he sent me last night. I hope you guys can help Richard out because he is very much awaiting to post results on the Engine that he has been building. Thanks for all you do! John ED0CA927-E46C-4D90-AE14-10C37D1A4250.png
  2. Jim Weise

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    2 weeks ago I sent him an email saying I had changed his password and updated his email.. but it's sitting in that gmail account spam folder, no doubt. Gmail thinks my company email address and the board emails are spam.

    I will email him later today from my gmail account. In the meantime, tell him to look in the spam folder of the account you listed,

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  3. Waterboy

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    Thank you Jim! I will text him right now
  4. Waterboy

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    Some people are not computer savvy. I’m not talking about Richard just yet. :) I’m talking about my wife. She is still a teacher and a couple of years ago they had to do an in-service about emails, and specifically emails with viruses. Basically it came down to do not open up an email that you do not know who it came from. She finished her in-service, took the test, and went back to her room. Do you know what she did? I bet you do. Yes, she opened up an email that she did not know who had sent it, and infected her entire school. Good job Babe!
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  6. Waterboy

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    He got it Jim, the new email that you sent to him. He is back online. Thank you very much for your help sir!
  7. Waterboy

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    That was a good one Steve. Probably what they should’ve done to her. Dang I’m a mean husband

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