My 1969 GS400

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by FLGS400, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. FLGS400

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    Today was a great Buick day!

    I took the GS400 to work, then went to Walmart in Largo, then met some of the local Buick homies at Cracker Barrel in south Clearwater, then home. All together put about 100-miles on it today. It did great! I need to work out the really rich idle situation. That's starting to bother me a bit. I may also have to revisit the alignment. Seems to get a bit sketchy around 70-75 mph.

    Here it is at Walmart...

    Walmart 040323.jpg
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  2. FLGS400

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    Well this morning, the GS400 was officially registered in the State of Florida. Everything went smoothly transferring the Montana title/tag over to Florida. It now has a shiny new blue Antique plate! I had to drive it up there so they could do the required VIN verification. Ran great, too!
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    Super cool car and great build thread Rich! Hope to see it next year at the Nationals!
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  4. FLGS400

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    Thanks Jacob, we'll see what I can do next year

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